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Ang Mo Kio Florist Shares Types of Bridal Bouquet Styles for Your Wedding Entourage in Singapore

Planning a wedding is stressful; that’s not an opinion. That’s a fact. Even with a wedding planner and the Best florist Singapore stylist, the bride still needs to oversee the details of every aspect of her wedding. One of those aspects is choosing the perfect bridal bouquet for your bridal march. Note that the hand bouquet is not just for you but for your flower girls and bridesmaids as well. In order not to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of options you will find when you search online, it’s important to know what style you want before you go shopping for an online florist.


Pomander or Flower Basket for Your Flower Girls

If you look at the style of the pomander bridal bouquet, it’s so cute and perfect for small adorable hands. Just imagine your sweet flower girls walking down the aisle as their cute pomander hand bouquet bounce lightly in front of them. You can also go for the classic flower basket, where you have the options to fill it with flowers or just flower petals. Once again, it all depends on your wedding’s theme. Both options are very adorable, and both can put a different effect on your bridal march. So consult your theme, inspect your flower girls’ dresses and accessories, and decide which style of hand bouquet is perfect for their image.


Nosegay or Posy for Your Bridesmaids

There is not much difference between the nosegay and posy hand bouquets. They are both compact and handy. However, nosegay is much smaller and requires less flowers. Both have handles wrapped with ribbons, and the assortment of flowers are just lovely. You can even experiment with the flower arrangement, choosing among roses (of course), carnations, gardenias, hydrangeas, and many others. Imagine how the flower bouquets can match the bridesmaids’ dresses, and then you can discuss with your Ang Mo Kio florist about what’s the best type of flower and arrangement for your bridesmaids’ bridal bouquets.


Round or Hand-Tied for the Bride

Here it is. The most special hand bouquet in the entire wedding ceremony. The bridal bouquet is not only significant because of the traditional bouquet toss (which every bridesmaid apparently can’t wait to get her hand on), but also because of its effect on the bride’s overall aesthetic. For the bridal bouquet, the classic styles are round hand bouquets for church or other traditional venues and hand-tied hand bouquets for more loose venues like garden and beach weddings. Any competent Ang Mo Kio florist or 24 hour florist online vendor can achieve this.