5 Stunning Diaper Cakes Anyone Can Make

Diaper cakes are becoming a trend for Baby Hamper gift items. It seems that there is no baby shower these days that do not include diaper cakes. The main idea behind this unique idea is to have a great and beautiful centerpiece for the party. As most diaper cakes are the theme – just like most ordinary real cakes – it is easier for the party host to really liven up the party using this popular baby shower gift item.

A diaper hot air balloon

Of course, personalized baby gifts are still very much in demand as well, and one good way to personalize a diaper cake is to present one with a theme of the parents’ hobby like riding hot air balloons. This is a very cute option and though this one uses up less number of diapers than other designs, you can surely make the party more exciting for everyone.

A perfect princess cake with tutu

For an incoming baby girl, a diaper with a tutu as a base is surely one idea that will make the parents very happy. This design is basically a three-layered diaper cake incorporated with a tutu either at the base or in the middle of the last and the middle layers.

A dinosaur-themed cloth diaper tower

For the boys, a dinosaur-themed diaper cake is good design. This diaper cake is usually done in three layers with ribbons with earth colors as accent. A few dinosaur cuts offs will give the cake a good aesthetic.

A motorcycle diaper cake with a stuffed animal as the rider.

This diaper cake is a very great choice as it usually comes with several goodies; it is like giving more items aside from the diapers. Usually, the motorcycle headlight is a feeding bottle, a bib for the seat, and blankets for the bike’s body part and handlebars. Of course, the diapers will be arranged and then positioned as the wheels. Basically, the items included on this diaper cake theme are ones that come from the baby gift set.

A bassinet cake that is made out of two shoeboxes and plenty of diapers

The shoeboxes will be the bassinet and a small baby towel can be used as bassinet diaper cakethe bedding. The diapers will be placed around the box and that will complete the scene. This is the perfect newborn baby gifts item.

These five great ides’ for diaper cakes can be made easily, but if you are pressed for time and you are too busy to spare a few hours on this project, you can just order from Baby Hamper shops.

If you want to see more designs for diaper cakes, you can browse online and there are some that come with complete instructions. In case you are not able to come up with a good diaper cake in the first try, maybe it would better to just inquire and get some opinions. What better place to go than at Baby Gifts stores.

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