Adorable Spring Baby Shower Theme Ideas

If you are going to welcome your new baby in Spring, then it will be a great delight for you. Normally, a baby shower should have a few things like some healthy snack items and a perfect theme. It can be challenging to throw an epic baby shower, which is also different and better than the last ones you had. Choosing a spring season theme can be a great experience for a new mom to be and the guests as well. You need to give a visit to a craft store and do a little DIY, and you are great to go. You can do a little research for digging out some great themes for this baby shower.

Here are a few ideas that can be amazing and will be of great help to you.

1.      Watercolor Theme

If you are planning the baby shower in a hurry and are not finding any great theme that could be ready in no time, then you can add watercolors to the party. Adding everything that is watercolored will be totally epic and good to go theme. Finalize the menu and then paint a sign with watercolors for welcoming the guests with. Also, you can arrange some activities with watercolors for the guests. A few other games can rock the party as well.

2.      Boho Chic Theme

You can theme up your baby shower party with boho vibes. You can do it by using the natural colors in the party and can also put the succulents on the tables for decoration purposes. You can inform the guests about the theme so they can also dress up like that. You can also take the décor items back to your home to decorate the baby’s nursery.

3.      Icecream Theme

If you are going for a spring theme, then it is perfect for turning the party to the ice cream theme. Turn the party hall in a make your own sundae bar and add up ice cream shape cookies and other stuff to the menu. It is a perfect theme for satisfying the sweet tooth of your friends and family members.

4.      Popsicle Theme

If you are going to add up a spring theme to your baby shower event, go with a popsicle theme. DIY the décor items with popsicles and throw an unbelievably amazing baby shower to your beloved guests. Plus, the theme is quite budget-friendly as well.

5.      Mexican Theme

If you, as a mom to be is craving tacos, chips, and other Mexican food, then your baby shower event can also follow this theme. Get the banners printed out and live up your tables with some bright colored flowers as well as the cacti. Get the menu to be complete Mexican, and it’s for sure that your guests will love it.

6.      Tropical Theme

For Spring days, the tropical theme is one of the best ones you will want to choose from. Adding pineapples to the tables and giving a touch with painted balloons can make your party amazing. In the color scheme, you need to be simple but elegant. Bring greenery and other light colors to the event, and you will be perfect to go.

7.      Tea Party Theme

The outdoor tea party theme is extraordinary. You can hang big balloons and set the tables with fresh flowers and do all kinds of arrangements like it is the greatest tea party you have ever thrown.

8.      Backyard Theme

Take your chances with the weather and choose the backyard baby shower this time. Decorate your backyard with flowers, balloons, and other party décor items you can think of. Keep it simple and pretty. Your backyard will be a perfect place for hosting a small baby shower where you are just inviting your close friends and family members.

9.      Twinkle Twinkle Theme

If you are going to add some classic touch to your baby shower this Spring, then you can get the inspiration from your favorite childhood poem Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Decorate the venue with stars and moons and make the party perfect. It is for sure that every single guest of yours will appreciate the choice of the theme.

10. Modern Bright Theme

If you are planning your baby shower but cannot go for much pricey one, then you can go for some modern theme where you can add anything you want. Go for the things you already have in your home so that you do not have to buy too much. Bright decorations can bring a modern touch to the baby shower, and you will be pretty relaxed as well.

11. Animal Theme

You can go with animal figurines for decorating the baby shower venue for your guests. Some amazing banners of cute animals with a beautiful animal-themed cake can be a perfect choice for the party. You can place some animal toys on tables for décor purposes.

12. Paper Flower Theme

Suppose you are not interested in fresh flowers and want to go for anything other than them, then not a problem at all. You can DIY some paper flowers for decorating the space. You can also buy flowers from a décor shop or online if you cannot make them by yourself. It will also give a bright and beautiful touch to the party, and it will be loved by every guest. So, it is for sure that paper flowers can never go wrong, and you can also keep them safe for use in the future when you are going to host a little get together after the birth of the baby.

Last Words

It is a great thing when a couple is expecting a baby. In the excitement, they want to involve every close one, and for that, they throw a baby shower event where guests come and enjoy at your party. You can make the event beautiful and stunning by some decorations. You can choose any theme from above to make the event more elegant.