Baby Shower Gift Guide for the New Mom

What is the perfect baby shower gift to bring to a new mom shower party? If you are attending a baby shower party and you want to shower the new mommy with gifts that she will need as a first-time mom, you may want to consider the items she listed in the gift registry. In case there is no list provided, here is a guide that you can take advantage of in buying baby shower gifts for the new mom:

·        Hamper of Gifts for the New Mom and Baby

A baby hampers delivery is a wonderful choice of gift for the new mom. It contains a variety of gift items that the mother and her baby will need every day. Practical gift items like baby clothes, booties, and mittens are among the usual choices. There are gift items, too, that are useful for daily baby care, like baby bath essentials, baby hygiene kit, breastfeeding essentials, nursing accessories, and more.

When you choose to give a gift of the baby hamper, you may also want to create one for the new mom.  You can add special gifts for the mother such as books, cooked meals, boxes of chocolates, and a bouquet of flowers. For all these amazing gifts, you can always rely on the florist in Singapore.


·        Maternity Clothes

A new mom will need extra pieces of maternity clothes that she can wear at home or for a stylish get-up. Even though these clothes are meant to be worn for a short period of time, it is a good idea that she has them stored in the cabinet for the next pregnancies. Most of the new moms are practical, and they tend to skip buying maternity clothes for themselves. They would rather spend their extra money to buy new baby items.

If you are planning to give your friend a set of maternity clothes as your baby shower gifts, why not splurge on high-quality and stylish ones? She will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness and love.


·        Maternity Pillow

A first-time mom may find it difficult to sleep because the baby in her womb is getting bigger and heavier. You can make a new mom feel comfortable by giving her a maternity or pregnancy pillow. It provides her the support she needs for her belly, back, hips, and legs. Most of the maternity pillows are made with adjustable poly-fill materials that adapt to the body’s shape for a comfortable sleep. The new mommy will be able to make use of this item even after giving birth.


·        Maternity Socks

Compression socks are a useful item for a pregnant mom. It is something that a first-time mommy may never think of buying. If you know that compression therapy works for pregnant moms, sending her a pair or two of compression socks can be a perfect baby shower gift for the new mom.  If you are planning to give the new mom these compression socks, choose the ones designed with the physician’s approval.


·        Mommy Bath Essentials

For a first time mom who longs a relaxing and indulging bath, a gift set that contains bath essentials is definitely a winner. It will make her de-stress for a while and regain her energy. Most new moms seldom find time for themselves, even in taking a bath. As much as possible, she wants to finish bath time in 5 or 10 minutes while the baby is sleeping. When she finds time, it is best that she has these bath essentials on hand.

For a valuable gift on mom shower, create a personalized hamper or basket of mommy’s bath essentials that contains some relaxing oils, bath bombs, scented candles, body wash, body scrub, and moisturizers. If you have the extra time, you can volunteer a few hours of babysitting so that the mommy can have more time to enjoy her bath time.


·        Baby Monitor

Most new moms feel it is nerve-wracking to leave the sleeping baby alone in the nursery room. With a baby monitor, the mother will feel a little at ease to finish the dishes or the laundry before the baby awakes. Fortunately, there are different types of baby monitors that will suit the mommy’s needs or style. You can find deals and discounts or use a baby full month gift voucher for a handheld monitor or smartphone monitor with features like two–way audio, night vision, temperature display, and lullaby music and songs.


·        Baby Sound Machine

A sound machine is a perfect device to help the baby sleep soundly. If the nursery room is not installed with a soundproof wall, having the right kind of sound is beneficial to the baby’s sleep and growth. Some sound machines also come with features like white noise, shushing sound, lullaby music, project lights, and night light. The sound playing is also adjustable with automatic shutoff, continuous play, and high-low volume. If you are looking for a perfect gift for the new mommy and her newborn, consider giving this device.

Baby showers are a wonderful time to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. The new mom and dad are more than excited to welcome their little bundle of joy. With your baby gifts and gifts for the new mommy, you get to let the new mom knows that they are special to you. Shower them with these gift items mentioned above and don’t forget to send the most beautiful flower bouquet.