Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Tight Budget

Welcoming a baby can be one of the most overwhelming moments in a family and as a close relative, you are supposed to extend your wishes with a special gift in the baby shower. Now the ‘special gift’ might cause a burn in the pockets, but who said it is necessary. With the right combination of sentiments, style, and utility, you can present the best gift for the baby and family. Let us help you in narrowing down the search with some great ideas for a present that will keep your pocket happy too.


Gifts for the baby

The newborn who is yet to come grabs the focus and it is natural for everyone to bring gifts for the baby mostly. Let us tell you some inexpensive presents that can be relevant and heartwarming.


Baby grooming sets

These have always been a very classic gift for the babies. Various popular brands have been curating specialized as well as personalized grooming kits for the babies that include body lotion, shampoo, rash creams, soap, etc. Recently, the focus has been on all-natural products and you must also vouch for the same since natural ingredients promise no side effects.


Customized onesies

Clothes are something that can never be enough for a child as they grow at real speed. Onesies can be a great option to gift as they are the best comfort cloth for a newborn and the mothers really need them a lot. Now, these inexpensive gifts can turn into meaningful ones if you personalize them with any relevant sentimental memory.


Board book sets

It’s restricting to think that books are only meant for grown-up kids. Even the toddlers love to enjoy some visual delights and it helps them to develop visual memory better and learn. There a lot of board books available in the market for toddlers that can be read while being toothed upon by them. Make sure to check the material safety and also the price as there is a range to choose from.


Lots of toys

To think of childhood is not possible without the mention of toys. You can look for so many things that go beyond stuffed toys. A lot of exciting toys are available these days that keep them engaged while they learn too. You can pick things like bouncing chair, swing sets, stacking toys, block games with a different type of imprints, sensory balls that enhance memory skills, playful hanging mobiles, and many others.


Baby blankets

There is nothing like a lot of blankets as over time, they turn to become poop-ridden, milk wipers, burp cloths, and whatnot. Other than being inexpensive, they can prove to be a great utility. You can pick the ones with any personalized them or the ones with cute prints to suit the nursery.


Teether bundles

This is one gift that is going to represent how much you care for the baby. It is very painful for the baby when the teeth start appearing in their little mouth. Teethers are simply designed to relieve the baby of the pain. They have an easy grip and are made out of silicone material that is flexible and edible-safe.



A cliché gift but promising enough to not go wrong, the diapers can be a great help as they are the greatest supply needed for any baby. You can choose between the various options like disposable ones or cloth ones. If you want to be a little creative, then you can present the diapers in the form of a cake by bundling them together and covering them with a gift wrap.


Gifts for the mother

Baby showers are about the mothers too and it is a good idea to pamper them too. It will be good to gift them items that make the journey of pregnancy pleasant and comfortable too. Let’s see what you can gift the moms.


Belly Masks

The last days of pregnancy and post-birth can be very discomforting in dealing with the work and body problems like itchy stretch marks and rashes simultaneously. These masks cover the pregnant belly and are meant to provide relief from aching skin, treat the stretch marks, and prevent itching. The antioxidant properties of the masks come from the natural ingredients it is made of like aloe, propolis, etc.


Record keepers

It is a very sweet gift to make to the expecting mother. There are a lot of options to choose from where you can gift pregnancy journals, photo calendars, photo albums, casting kits, baby announcement frames, etc. that can be personalized too. Such gifts help the mothers to record their experiences and emotional changes that they witness in their pregnancy journey.


Gift cards for basic help

The new parents have really a lot to do and what can be a greater gift to actually lend a helping hand for the chores. You can choose to send them gift cards or make custom coupon books that offer different services like house cleaning or babysitting. These will make up to be really priceless gifts. Check for the services available in your area and you can easily pick up the one that suits best according to the budget.


Amazon subscription

The new parents need endless supplies and it may get very inconvenient to run to the stores all the time. You can choose to help them deal with it better by gifting a subscription of Amazon Prime. This is one of the most cost-effective deals you can choose and the couple is really going to send wishes to you every time they get orders delivered at their doorstep.


Portable organizer for baby stuff

One of the best gifts that the parents are going to thank you for, you can create such gears either by yourself or just buy them. Make sure that they have enough compartments to hold the stuff nicely.

Now that we have listed some great ideas, all you need to do is sort out the budget and go with a suitable gift for the baby or the mother or both.