How to Celebrate the Coming of New Family Member?

The arrival of a little angel is always the most amazing experience for any couple and their families. The safe arrival of the little angel is always a worth celebrating moment for everyone.

This is indeed a life changing experience for everyone and everyone has a different way of celebrating it.

But the thing which is most important is how can anyone celebrate this amazing occasion in a way that is not very exhaustive for the tired mom and for the new dad?

Well if you are also searching for such celebrations then below are some of the recommendations that will help you to celebrate!


Try to spend some alone and intimate time with the baby

Everybody including the grandparents, aunts, uncles and even the neighbors will be overly excited to meet the new born and that is quite natural and normal.

But one thing that you must keep in mind is that right after the baby’s birth you really need an uninterrupted time with the little angel to build a connection and bonding and you should not be guilty about that.

In those early days and hours you should get as much skin to skin time as you can. You really need to have some quality time with the little angel because that’s what both of you want and need.

You can celebrate the little angel’s birth by cuddling him/her and also by planting kisses on his/her chubby cute face. Enjoy all these precious moments without being guilty.

After spending much needed time if you are now relaxed then break the news to your family and friends and then let them celebrate and spend some time with the baby.


Small and intimate baby shower party

A baby shower party is a party that is held just before the arrival of the baby. Having said that there is absolutely no logic that why you can’t have an intimate party after the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

You can do this by making a personalized cake with the baby’s name and date of birth on it.

Here’s how you can have the baby shower

  • Invite all your extended family and close friends and celebrate the occasion.
  • You are not supposed to be worried about the food items because obviously the guests will understand that you have so much to be worried about than food.
  • Just have some refreshments there like Prosecco for a toast.

This kind of celebration is always a great idea of celebration because here you can actually control the visiting hours like you can invite the guests for a certain period of time and once that time is up all the guests can leave.

The guests will bring some baby hamper gifts both for the mother and the kid and they will have the chance to have a quick glance at the baby and perhaps to hold the little angel in their arms.

After that they will leave you and your baby at peace and then you can get back to your routine and enjoy the time with your baby.


Tree plantation

Tree plantation is indeed a very great way of celebrating the birth of a baby. You can plant the seedling or the small plant in the garden at your home.

You can also have your baby’s name and date of birth attached to it. The good thing about this is you can watch it grow along with the growth of your baby and enjoy the overall experience.


Take the services of a professional photographer to take the baby’s pictures

Hiring a professional photographer and asking him/her to take photographs of your baby is another unique way of celebrating the birth of the little angel.

This type of photography is done when the baby is two weeks old. As babies change very quickly and in just a matter of 2 weeks you will see the difference between the photographs and your baby.

This type of photography is a very unique experience and an investment that the parents will never regret in their lives. These photographs will always remind you of how tiny your baby was at the very early days.


Baby castings and keepsake jewelry

Keepsake jewelries are very adorable items for the baby which also has very great sentimental value for the parents.

These jewelries can have the name, birthdate and also the birth weight of the baby in order to make it even more special and memorable.

Additionally they can also have their birthstone as well as their footprints. In either way these are a very unique way of celebrating the arrival of the new angel.

You also have the option of having the baby’s feet and hands cast which can then be turned into charms for a necklace or a bracelet or they can late be framed as well.

This is another unique way of celebrating the arrival of your little angel.


Spa session for the mom

When a baby is born the entire focus and attention is given to the baby and everyone forgets that it must be a difficult journey for the mom as well.

So in order to celebrate the baby’s arrival as well as to make her feel special just gift her much needed spa session where she can have a good relaxing time without being worried about anything.

By doing so you will also let her know that you are equally grateful for her and appreciate her efforts for the baby.