Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas, You’ll Not Want To Miss

Choosing a perfect baby shower gift could be tough. Are you looking for something unique that will show you much you care for your best friend while reflecting their style? Definitely, you do not want to gift something that she will receive in five other versions too. No worries as we have got your covered. Here, you will get to know about some cute baby shower gifts.

Of course, it is amazing to gift expectant moms the things that they will actually require and use. However, you may like to get them something a bit different, something great, something unique. If so, you are in the right place. From one-of-a-kind, unique statement gifts to homemade, thoughtful items, we have something here for all moms-to-be, whether it is her first baby or the third. Our curated list is full of amazing baby gifts that will hit a sweet spot between budget-friendly, useful, and stylish. So, sit back and keep scrolling on to discover a cute baby shower gift!


Our Top Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. New Born & Pregnancy Journal

It is the cutest keepsake for baby’s first year and pregnancy. A planner serves as a journal, scrapbook, guidebook, and medial log for everything that a mom wants to keep a note throughout her special time. So, this journal is an incredible gift for giving expectant moms whether it is their first child or not.


  1. Soothing Sounds

An expecting mother does not care too much about how much sleep they are getting and how it affects them. Giving them a go-to product for helping their newborns sleep better at night is a fabulous idea. You can go for white noise machines as they make a great baby shower gift. Plus, these noise machines even work as night lights and alarms as the kid gets older.


  1. Non-contact Thermometer

A non-contact thermometer is something that your friend will love. This thermometer features a dual-mode, where one can measure temperature via ear and forehead. When you have a sleeping kid that may have a temperature, you cannot wake them just to take their temperature. In that situation, your friend can use this thermometer and will thank you later on.


  1. Quick-Change Crib Sheets

There are crib packs, which make changing a crib a lot easier than before. Here, you just simply have to place the crib sheet’s base part at your mattress’s bottom and then, zip on the top sheet. So, if the baby gets sick or has an accident, then just simply unzip about the edges and remove it without lifting your mattress in seconds. Then, just remake the whole crib.


  1. Training Toothbrush

So, training toothbrushes act as the best teething item. These brushes are manufactured with 100% food-grade silicone. They are perfect for children who are 3-12 months old. Also, these silicone brushes are freezer and dishwasher friendly, Toxin, Latex, BPA, and Phthalate free. When the little one aches from sore gums, a silicone brush will soothe him due to its massaging bristles. So, this fabulous teething toy will help and promote oral hygiene.


  1. Mummy/Hospital Survival Kit

For making a kit, you can be creative as you want. Just add some favorite things to a box, basket, or a jar. This is all it takes to create a fabulous baby shower gift. You can go for stuff like nail polish, chocolates, wet wipes, mints, lip balms, coffee, eye concealer, gift cards, and whatnot!


  1. Portable Diaper Changing Station

A portable diaper changing station is a superb baby shower gift. With a handle and rubberized feet, parents could bring it conveniently from one place to another. It is very convenient and parents definitely love this product as they get everything required for a diaper change in just one place. This item features fitted compartments for wipes, lotions, diapers, a drawer for tiny things, and a changing mat. Also, these cute gifts come in cute colors.


  1. Door Mats or Door Signs

Doormats or door signs make an amazing baby shower gift. You can choose doormats with cute quotes like “Shhhh! Sleeping Baby, do not knock or ring”, “We have a Sleeping Baby. Do not ring the doorbell”, “Baby Sleeping…Be quiet or Babysit”, and so on.

Also, you can go for silent door tags. When you do not want to wake up the child every time you close the door, these cute things will help. You can make these tags yourself or there are many available online.


  1. Recovery Essentials

When you go to a baby shower, most of the gifts will be for the newborn. However, it will be great to get a gift for the mom too as after all, she is the one who is going to give birth. You can get her recovery essentials as a nice baby shower gift. This is because new mothers do not think about their recovery after the baby. So, this gift will be helpful!


  1. Phone Holder

This sounds a bit ridiculous but a phone holder can be a really cool baby shower gift. With this product, you can have an extra hand while chatting with your friends. It ensures that you always have easy and quick access to the phone. Parents can attach this holder to the stroller’s handle and use their phone if required.


  1. Gentle Nail Trimmer

It is a nightmare for every parent to trim the nails of their newborns. It really freaks them out. It is obvious to be afraid to clip the little fingers. That’s why gifting a gentle nail trimmer is not a bad idea.


  1. Pacifier Clips

Again, this is not a cool gift to get for a baby shower but your friend is definitely going to use it often. It becomes a hassle to look for the pacifier all the time. So, this super handy and inexpensive gift will make life a bit easier.


  1. Water Bottle

You can give your friend a cute water bottle. As you know, she has to remain hydrated. Gift her this cute gift that will remind her to drink water throughout the day.


  1. DockATot

Everyone loves plush DockATots as they are so multi-functional and comfortable. One can use them for resting, snuggling, playing, and lounging. Also, people can carry it to anywhere they want. A dock is easy to wash and clean. It is made up of breathable and non-toxic materials.


  1. First Year Name

Click and display the first milestones of the baby. This frame comes with twelve slots and a large opening for displaying the big year. So, you can opt for this gift as it is something unique that your friend is going to treasure forever.

So, these are some of the cute baby shower gift ideas. Now, you know what you have to look for. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make a baby shower gift basket with different items like the ones mentioned in this list. Add these items to the basket or you can even make it better. It will make a unique baby shower gift. So, gift these items and make the day memorable for your friend.