10 Fun and Amazing Baby Gifts to Thrill the New Baby

It certainly is a difficult task while trying to pick a gift for a newborn baby; however, you can narrow down the options if you try to think a bit out of the box. Now there can be three aspects to think over which can help you decide the ideal gift- sentimental value, usage value, and uniqueness. For now, we are going to give you some unique and in-trend gift ideas that you will love to see around the baby.


  1. Babywearing wraps

Newborns love clinking to their mothers all the time and this can sometimes prove to be a hassle for the parents. Baby slings can be a great gift for both them as the mother can pick up groceries without having to make the child stay away from the warmth they crave. You have these options to pick from-

  • Carrier slings
  • Baby carrier

Just keep in mind the support strength, ergonomic structure, comfort, and age category of the product as they are specialized according to the needs of the growing baby.


  1. Innovative shushing machines

A really great invention for the fussy babies! The sounds that these devices emit work to calm down the senses of the baby and help in luring them to get drowsy. There are various such devices to choose from-

  • Portable Baby shushers with rhythmic and loud shushing human voices
  • Multi-functional resting sound machines that can be controlled with a Smartphone from a remote distance, include nightlights, sound creating machine, and a wake-up alert too


  1. Pacifiers

These are one of the ultimate needs of feeding babies which keeps them from crying. Now the pacifiers need not be boring as there are plenty of them available in the market that is absolutely hilarious as well as a utility. The trendy pacifiers come attached with funny props like mustaches, fangs, kissable lips, or tongues that look extremely cute. You can also pick up the pacifiers that have a soft toy like holder attached to them which keeps them falling and get dirty all the time.


  1. Playing mats

These are a great gift for the toddlers as it can keep them engaged with a lot of exciting activities to do. There come different types of Playmats that contain a super comfortable base cover with various types of toys attached. You can pick from these options-

  • Piano Gyms with sound-making toys
  • Aquarium mats with water creatures
  • Play gyms for the rolling babies


  1. Baby bathers

We all know what a task it is to bath the babies as some of them resist a lot while some are too delicate to handle. These devices make the bathing time easier as the parent can handle the baby with extra care. These are portable and practical and also come in cute shapes and designs. You can pick the ones that look like a cradle or the ones shaped like a sunflower. They can be easily fitted in the sink and the babies feel super comfortable and playful in them.

You can combine them with bathing toys for making the package even cuter.


  1. Books

If you really think books are only meant for kids of a little higher age, then you are probably wrong. There are plenty of books that come for the toddlers which help in the stimulation of several senses. You can either pick a lullaby book, books with catchy images, or books that have soft engraving on them. The parents are going to enjoy the priceless reactions of the kids they make while looking at the pictures. Let us give you several options-

  • ‘But not the Armadillo’
  • Black and white image books
  • ‘Clap hands’
  • ‘ABC, What could Olivia Be?’


  1. Loungers

Though a little expensive, these can make up to be a great gift for the toddlers. Both the kid and the parents are going to love it due to its great features. The loungers keep the baby secured and comforted just like a swaddle does. The kid can be put over these portable and light loungers which are so not easy to escape and also keeps them rolling and falling off the bed. The kid can lounge, rest, cuddle, feed, play, or get the diaper changed in these loungers. You can choose from a variety of shapes and prints.


  1. Stylish bedding wears

Bedtime is usually when these little ones turn into the naughtiest beings. Luring them into sleep requires extra comfort and cozy feels. There is a wide range of bedding wear that you can choose from to make the sleep time fun and comfortable. You can gift either or all of these-

  • Sleeping bags of animal shapes
  • Crib sheets with cute and personalized prints
  • Cuddling pillows of animal shapes


  1. Swaddles

The Swaddles have been the best friend of newborn babies for ages and you can never go wrong with making them your choice for a gift to the new baby in the house. However, the only difficulty you are going to face is to select one from the irresistibly cute and clean prints and colors. These are wrapping clothes made of the ultra-soft and breathable Muslin fabric that is too gentle on the tender skin of the baby. Check out the trending Burrito style swaddle.


  1. Exciting toys

The world of toys is huge and beyond the classic stuffed animals or dolls. There are a variety of options you can choose from that not just keep the kid engaged but also help him learn.

  • Mobiles with different playful and colorful objects like food items, birds, animals, etc.
  • Sensory balls for enhancing skills like motor grip, logic, color recognition, etc.
  • Block games with alphabets, hand gestures, numbers, animals, etc.
  • Stacking toys
  • Swing sets
  • Bouncing chair

We have given you the best of options that are trendy and available with a lot of experimental features. Now to pick the right one for the most-awaited baby is your task as we know all of them are just irresistible. Fix the budget and go-ahead to shop for the gift.