How Much Money (Ang Pao/Red Packet) Do You Give At A Baby Shower in Singapore?

Giving gifts at baby showers can be a bit tricky. The choices for baby’s gifts are endless and it can be overwhelming to see all those beautiful and adorable baby items in lovely prints and colors. Among the most common choices available for this occasion include gender-related and gender-neutral baby clothes, baby feeding bottles, baby hygiene kits, and baby hampers.

On the other hand, you can also choose to give money gifts in red packet or in Ang Bao. Ang Bao is a staple baby shower gift in Singapore. It contains money for the baby, instead of baby items as gifts. It is meant for good luck wishes for the new baby. But the question is, how much money should an Ang Bao contain for this special event? Here are our expert’s recommendations of the baby shower Ang Pao market rate:

  • $10-$30 for Friends and Colleagues

Ang Bao from friends and colleagues may contain an amount ranging from $10 to $30. This amount can be used as a guide if you intend to give red packets to welcome the new baby, but, of course, you can give more than this amount depending on your heart’s desire and generosity.

  • $50-$80 for BFF/ Close Friends

If you are one of the closest friends to the expectant parents and you are planning to give Ang Bao on baby showers, you can give an amount ranging from $50 to $80. If you are one of the closest friends and you want to have a part in your friend’s celebration of a new baby, you can also give cash gifts in Ang Bao in the amount you personally prefer. You have been a friend of the parents for quite a long while, and you probably know which items they urgently need for the birth of the baby. You may also want to give some of those baby items, aside from the Ang Baos.

  • $100-$150 for Special Guests

Special guests who are attending the baby showers may also give Ang Baos money that amounts from $100 to $150. Giving cash gifts in Ang Baos in Singapore on baby showers is a way for special guests to express their warm wishes for the baby and for the family. If you are one of the special guests and you can’t decide which gifts are perfect to give, consider giving Ang Baos or red packets.

  • $200-$1000 Relatives

Grandparents are among the people who are more than excited to see the little bundle of joy. In Singapore, giving Ang Baos is a traditional practice to wish the little one good health, wealth, and fortune. Money in red packets may range from $200 to $1000.

Also in Singapore, the Aunts and Uncles of the baby who are attending the baby showers prefer to give Ang Baos good luck wishes for the baby.

When it comes to cash gifts, people in Singapore also consider giving gift vouchers and prepaid gift checks as baby shower gifts. The gift certificates and vouchers allow the parents to choose the item they want for their little baby.

Other Options for Baby Shower Gifts (Non-Monetary):

Not everyone thinks that cash gifts, even in Ang Bao envelopes, are ideal to give. There are people who think that giving money on baby showers is not thoughtful. They prefer to go out and look for something special at the baby gift shop. Here are the best options for baby shower gifts other than Ang Baos, Ang Paos, or Red Packets:

  1. Baby Hampers

A hamper of baby gift items is a great option for your special baby shower gifts. The hamper may contain baby things like diapers, baby bottles, baby clothes, baby booties and mittens, and baby accessories. The shop has a wide variety of hampers that are arranged in colors related to gender or in assortments.

  1. Baby Clothes

Instead of giving Ang Baos, you can give baby clothes as gifts on baby showers. Baby clothes are usually packed in cute and adorable boxes to suit the baby shower party. You can find boxes that match the theme and motif of the party, but if you want to be creative and crafty, you can also customize unique gift boxes or wrappers.

  1. Baby Bath Set

Another option for baby gifts is a set of baby bath items and accessories. The items can be arranged in a box, basket, or small container, or in a baby bathtub. The gift set usually contains different baby bathing essentials, including bath toys, towels, and a hygiene kit.

  1. Baby Feeding Set

A set of baby feeding bottles and a feeding set is also an option for baby gifts to give at the baby shower party. If you are looking for gifts other than the red envelopes, this set is an ideal choice. The baby will need one or two baby bottles throughout the day even if the parents prefer to breastfeed the baby. The set may also include a pair of small spoons and fork, a cup, and a bowl that the baby will use once the solid food is introduced.

Family and friends are as excited to welcome the little baby as an addition to the family. In Singapore, as a way of welcoming the baby, the gifts of Ang Baos or Red Packets are more than just a gift but a meaningful wish of luck and prosperity for the baby. Aside from money, people may also choose to give gift items to congratulate the parents.