How To Impress In A Baby Shower Party?

Baby shower party is basically thrown to very close friends and family. It is like a pre-celebration before the arrival of the little angel. Every participant in the party makes sure to bring baby gifts and make the occasion memorable for the parents and their upcoming child.

If you are someone who is expecting a baby in the coming months and want to throw a baby shower party and also wants to impress all your friends and family in that party then don’t freak out.

In this blog I will let you know about some of the amazing ideas that will help you to impress in the baby shower party and this party will be remembered for years to come.



When the guests will arrive at the venue than before looking into any other thing they will notice the decoration of the venue. It is the best yet easiest way to wow the guests of the party.

So below are some of the decoration ideas that will help you to impress at the party.


Balloon weights and balloons

Ok so if you are somehow tight in budget but at the same time want to have a good impression on your friends and family then this is for you.

Latex balloons are not only budget-friendly but they can also be used in order to add depth to the overall space of the party.

There are also foil balloons that are found in various shapes which make them quite easy to find the perfect design that will completely add beauty and complement the theme of the baby shower.


Hanging decorations or Streamers

You also have the option of making a very sweet and attractive setting with the help of these streamers or hanging decorations. Just try to keep this a little simple by selecting very few colors that will match the party theme.

There are also other options in hanging decorations like pom-pom, tissue balls and also spirals that will help you to nicely decorate the venue.


Wall decors and cutouts

You can use cutouts that will match the overall baby shower theme and also add much-needed ambiance to the entire space.


Indoor and outdoor signage

You should also include the baby décor signage for the celebrations. You can put signage outside the venue in order to alert the guests to the exact location of the party.

And also you can add or hang these signs inside the venue with some very sweet messages or an indication of the assigned areas like games or food items.

Once you are done with the venue decoration the next thing is to decorate the tables because the baby shower decoration is just beyond the walls.

In order to be a little extra you should carry the theme and colors to the tables.



You can use plates to improve the overall theme of the party. Although you have a wide variety of colors and design to choose from but you should go for the ones that are durable.


Cups and glasses

When it comes to cups and glasses it depends upon the number of guests who are attending the party. For an intimate party or small guest list you should use real glasses.

You also have the option of paper cups or colored plastic which are also affordable and will ensure that enough drink wares are available.



Cocktail napkins are good options for guests who wants to grab them with drinks and also you should have large napkins for them in order to use while eating.

Try to color coordinate these napkins with the overall theme and also choose a theme that goes well with the designs.


Sweet Serving items

Sweets are an integral part of any baby shower party so you must not forget about these. It doesn’t matter that whether you have buffet style dishes or just a variety of lighter fare there are certain tools that are must-have


Knife as a cake cutter

The cake cutter can be both disposable and it can be a keepsake for the mom to be. You can also color coordinate this with the overall party theme.



The serving dishes can be made of glass, plastic or ceramic it completely depends on your personal choice. You can select any of these depending on your budget or the theme of the party.



Serving utensils are important especially for buffet style food. You must make sure that you have tongs and enough of the large spoons for each of the dishes.


Decoration idea that you can consider

By doing DIY decors you can give a personalized touch to the baby shower party. Below are some of the fun baby shower ideas that will help you to impress the people in the party.


Large baby blocks decors

These giant and big baby blocks are not only adorable but they also perfect baby shower props. You can make these out of paint and cardboards. These are not only affordable and easy to make but they look quite decent and add much needed ambiance to the party.


Diaper cake

New parents need diapers the most and they literally cannot have enough of these. So instead of just purchasing diaper box and wrapping them up you can turn them into a diaper cake and to dress up cake just add ribbons and also bows.



Fairy lights

In order to have a nice and decent looking center pieces just add a small strand of these beautiful fairy lights into glasses. To add a magical touch to buffet tables you can also add these fairy lights on them.


Mini lights

Add small strands of twinkling mini lights and create magic out of them. These lights will add the proper amount of lighting to any specific area.

Baby shower party is a worth celebrating occasion. It is a pre-celebration of the arrival of little angel in your life and you must celebrate it with your loved ones.

If you want to impress others just include these ideas in your party and make long lasting impression.