12 Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Unless you have gone through the stressful first days of having a baby by yourself, you probably would not have any idea of what you should gift to someone else for baby shower. Until unless you are a parent, you might not have gone through a baby products shop and have no idea what an early days baby and a mom needs actually.

While choosing gifts for newborns and for the mother, you should buy some stuff that is actually necessary for them. Unnecessary gifts are not much worthy for them, and they might never use them. So, being a little known of some useful things is a plus. Here we have 12 different gift ideas for a baby shower.

  1. A Pacifier Clip

Babies start dropping and throwing away things as soon as they grow some days old. Finding a pacifier fallen down to the ground is a hectic work, so the new parents would be so much convenient if they will have a clip for that. It is a quite inexpensive and perfect thing that will make life much easier. So, getting a clip would be helpful as it is a useful product.

  1. A Diaper Backpack

A diaper backpack looks like a regular backpack, but it is the best diaper bag that is easy to carry along with your child. The diaper backpack is the best gift for new parents as it is such a convenient product. The backpack can also get clipped with the baby’s stroller. A diaper backpack has compartments for different baby products like diapers, wipes, milk bottles, and many others. It would be a perfect gift you can choose for a baby shower.

  1. Spa Gift Basket

Having a child is exciting for every mom. Holding the newborn always brings joy and happiness to new moms. Early days of childcare can be tough, though, and the nights can be sleepless if the baby is a bit fussy. This time can be much exhausting. For this, you can gift a new mom a spa basket. The much-needed spa basket can make the mom feel relaxed and can pamper her during tiresome days and nights.

  1. A Comfortable Silky Robe

A new mom needs to get up multiple times for her child at night. This is why she needs to wear a luxurious and comfy robe so that it can be easier to get up and go check on the baby. So, getting her a beautiful and comfortable robe will be a perfect gift for the baby shower, as it will be much useful for her in the future.

  1. A Pair of Baby Booties

Getting a pair of baby booties that stay on for a newborn on the baby shower can be a great thing. It is a perfect thing for a baby as it is soft from inside and can grip the child’s feet nicely. In the early days, the baby’s feet grow fast and need some boots that are soft and stretchable. Baby bootie is flexible and had room for growth so they can last for a few months.

  1. A Baby Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer is one of the amazing gifts that you can purchase to gift someone on a baby shower. A bottle warmer is used to warm up the milk bottle, and some warmers also have “defrost” mode. So, it can be a handy and perfect product for anyone who is a new parent.

  1. Food Takeaway

It is sometimes hard for a mother-to-be to cook and make arrangements for the guests so you can contribute and take some food to her house. It will mean a lot for the couple, and your act of kindness will be remembered for long.

  1. A Pack of Socks for Baby

A few pairs of beautiful socks can keep the feet of the baby comfy and warm. You can choose from different designs like animals or flowers. The socks will prove to be the best gift on a baby shower.

  1. Baby Blanket Set

A couple of adjustable blankets will be a great choice for a baby as they are the essential things for a baby after birth. A blanket kit can be found anywhere online or any baby shop. Baby blankets are light, soft, and breathable. They are the perfect gift you can buy for a baby shower.

  1. Baby Grooming Kit

A baby grooming kit contains baby shampoo, powder, lotion, and many other products that can be helpful for a new mom. Baby care products are chemicals free and are not harmful to baby’s skin; that is why they are necessary to use and can prove to be a perfect gift.

  1. Portable Baby Bed

A portable bed is not only useful when a mom goes outside of the house. But they are also good for the moms who tend to do other chores along with keeping an eye on their baby. So, a portable baby bed can be a perfect solution and can come handy every now and then.

  1. A Water Bottle

After giving birth, a mom needs to keep herself hydrated. So, you can get her a cute and lightweight water bottle that she can take anywhere with her. She needs to take fluids for the whole day, and a bottle you will get for her will be of great help.

Final Words

A baby shower is an event before the birth of a child that is thrown by the mother, sister, or mother-in-law of the new mom. Friends and close family members are invited to the event. A baby shower is a head start for a mom to be to collect all the useable accessories for the baby and herself. The family and friends of her get her some gifts, and if you are looking for some ideas to gift someone on baby shower, these few ideas are perfect and practical. You can get anything from them, and it will be useful for her.