Practical Baby Shower Gifts for First-Time Mommies

Not sure what practical baby shower gifts to buy for the first-time mommy? Unless you experienced being a first-time mom, you will never know what things are essential to have. For the first-time mommy, buy the most useful and practical baby gifts.


·       Baby Wearable Sleeping Bag

A wearable sleeping bag is soft t touch, made from sustainable fabric, and comfortable to the baby’s skin. The sleeping bag comes with a double zipper, making it easy and quick to access the baby for a diaper change. It simply means less fuss for the baby and less hassle for the mommy.  If you are looking for practical gifts to give or send on baby showers, sending her this gift is a nice idea.


·       Breast Pump Storage Kit

For the first-time mom’s nursing needs, this storage kit is useful. It is a gift set that comes with an insulated zippered cube, carrying case, drawstring pouch, and a bottle holder. The insulated cube can hold up to 4 bottles while the storage drawstring pouch provides space for the breast pump parts and accessories. There is also extra space for baby wipes, tubes, and other small items. If you want to give her some baby shower gifts that are practical to use, this storage kit is perfect.


·       Baby Shusher

A baby shusher has a real human voice that sends the baby to sleep quickly. The 15 to 30-minute timer is long enough to make the baby sleep. Mommy can control the volume so that no one is disturbed by the sound. It comes with a removable wrist wrap, allowing the mommy to wear it while carrying the baby. Baby shushers are safe for the baby because it is made from durable BPA-free material. So if you want to send gifts for baby shower, consider sending this item.


·       Mommy Hospital Kit

First-time really did not realize what items they need to bring to the hospital until they need something. The mommy hospital kit is an ideal baby shower gift set for a first-time mommy. She will appreciate the kit because it contains a delivery/nursing gown, a pair of labor and delivery socks, 4 pieces of disposable underwear, and a pack of healing foam and cooling pad liners. All these items are carefully packed in a compact pouch with a zipper.


·       Baby Bath Support

As the baby grows day by day, the weight doubles. It will be easier for the new mommy to have this baby bath support for easy baby bathing. It has a mesh material that allows water to easily drain. It can be placed and used directly on the bathtub because of its ergonomic design. It is durable, safe for baby, hygienic, mildew-resistant, and lightweight. If you want something for baby shower time, send the mommy this baby item.


·       Diaper Bag

A diaper bag that is roomy and comes complete with an insulated bottle holder, mini changing mat, pouch and stroller clips, and adjustable straps is nice to give as useful baby shower gifts. The new mommy will love its trendy design and color and the spacious interior of the bag. For the mom and baby who is always on the go, this item proves to be one of the useful baby shower gifts to give. Good thing that there are different colors available to suit the style and preference of the mommy.


·       Portable Baby Dock Bed

Designed for resting, lounging, sleeping, and playing, the portable baby dock bed makes a wonderful item for baby shower gifts. It helps the baby during tummy time. It is lightweight, easy-to-carry, travel-ready, and safe to use for baby. It is designed to mimic the mother’s womb. However, the use of this baby bed requires full attention and supervision of parents or guardians to prevent suffocation while sleeping or playing. The fabrics of this item, made from 100% polyester and 100% cotton, provide superior air-permeability.


·       Laundry Hamper

A laundry hamper that is filled with different baby essential items and practical gifts can be your best gift on baby showers. The first-time mommy will definitely love the gift, especially because it comes all packed with various items that she can use for the baby’s daily routine. When you send a laundry hamper, you have the option to choose one that is pre-arranged or pre-packed or choose one that you can personally fill up. If you want to shower the new mommy and the little bundle of joy, sending them this hamper is thoughtful.


·       Baby Smart Bassinet

A smart bassinet rocks the baby to sleep. It is important for the baby to get long hours of sleep. With this kind of bassinet, it gives the baby added sleep and it calms fussing by simply responding to the baby’s movement with increasing motion. The sound also keeps the baby calm. It is designed with secure swaddling for added safety and support. Hence, the baby is safe as it prevents the baby from rolling. Being designed with high technology, the mobile app allows parents to set the bassinet, monitor the daily sleep, and more.


·       Muslin Blankets

A pair of muslin blankets will benefit the new mommy for a lot of reasons and chances. It can be used as a baby swaddle, burp cloth, nursing cover, tummy time mat, changing pad cover, car seat and stroller cover, and sleeping blanket. The fabric is soft, breathable, and comfortable to the baby’s skin. Muslin blankets come in different colors, prints, and designs. You can choose one or two for the stylish first-time mommy.