10 No-Fail Baby Shower Gifts

When your relatives or friends announce that they are having a baby, this surprising news brings lots of belly rubs, hugs, and happy tears for all. This excitement knows no bounds with each passing day and then, a baby shower is there to celebrate the new motherhood. The challenge is to get a nice gift that is useful, unique, and thoughtful for the baby and the mother.

Some people just love baby showers and love to shop for such events even more. At a baby shower, mothers-to-be get so many pointless whatsits and whosits that it becomes a fun and exciting challenge to get a present for them that they will actually like. Are you ready to take up this task? If not, then this article will help you out. Here are some ideas for baby shower gifts that you can never go wrong with.

Baby Shower Gifts for the Newborn

  1. Onesies aka snap suits

Every mother cannot have sufficient snap suits from sizes newborn to 24 months. Most guests may opt for just the newborn items. However, a mother with a healthy baby could not use all of those newborn clothes she has gotten at her baby shower. As we all know, infants develop fast and having onesies on hand in various sizes will make the life of the baby and mother a bit easier in times to come. So, get onesies in some cute designs and colors.

  1. Children’s Books

Another thing that new mothers will definitely need some good children’s books. You can go for your favorite children’s books like The Giving Tree. There are many options available when it comes to a storybook. New mothers will need them for sure. Thus, a collection of childhood books can be a perfect gift for a baby shower.

  1. Baby Diapers

This item sounds boring to all when you think about a perfect baby shower gift. However, with approximately 8-12 changes a day, this is the best gift that you can give to a new mother. For this, you need to ask the mother what kind of diapering she likes to perform whether it’s cloth, disposable, or hybrid. So, get an entire boatload in different sizes. No matter what type the diapers are, they can get pretty expensive quickly. By buying the new parents some diapers, you are doing a huge favor.

  1. Meal Plan

If you want to do something unique, then this is what you can do. Many people think of helping the mother once the newborn arrives is by bringing food. However, it could be frustrating and disastrous to coordinate food drops and visits. To make it work, you can take the help of websites that organize such things. Once the newborn is out, new parents get frazzled for months. So, if you schedule a food drop for month three instead of month one, they would appreciate it.

  1. Go for Something Big

When it comes to baby gifts, cribs cannot fail anytime. You can give a crib as a group present because it is usually expensive as well as a necessity. So, you can think about it because parents may find it overwhelming to get one. If you are looking for an extremely welcome and unexpected option, then chip in on a housekeeper, babysitter, or nanny for as long as you can afford. New mothers find themselves exhausted and maxed out constantly. So, they will appreciate this extra help.

  1. Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are a must for newborns. Usually, these blankets come in handy all the time. Mothers use these cute blankets for setting down their babies. Also, they use them for wrapping their little ones in one when it is the time for their nap. So, what can be better than swaddle blankets for a baby! They make a perfect gift for a baby shower. Plus, you have lots of options to select from.

  1. Bath Products

Another amazing baby shower gift can be bath products. It can be for both the mother and the newborn. You can go for a bubble bath set, which is a nice way to make them both relax. It is a thoughtful gift because the baby will need lots of baths. You can go for bath items that are organic and are specially designed for babies. Choose ones with soothing scents, such as mint, chamomile, and lavender.

  1. Nightlights for Bedtime

Nightlights make a unique gift for a baby shower. This gift will become the best friend of the newborn at bedtime. When it comes to a nightlight, you can choose from some popular characters. If you want to play it safe, then go for a gender-neutral nightlight. So, nightlights are something that you can think of while considering a baby shower gift.

  1. Unique Keepsakes

The best thing about parenting is to watch the baby complete all the amazing ‘FIRSTS’. You can go for something like memory books, photo cards, or cute boxes. Such keepsakes offer an amazing way of capturing all those big milestones. So, these keepsakes will be appreciated by the mothers-to-be a lot.

  1. Gift Cards

Most retailers come with special coupon offers for parents, which make gift registries in the stores. So, when you sign up for gift cards, you can discover amazing ways for saving and helping new parents with any essentials they may need. It is an exciting way for buying a gift that you have in mind. Plus, you can add some essentials like formula or disposable diapers.

So, these are some of the no-fail baby shower gifts that you can get for your close friends and relatives. Choose any one of them to make the baby shower ceremony more exciting, memorable, and fun. Needless to say, the mother-to-be in your life will be grateful to you eternally for such thoughtful gifts. In the end, it is not the gift that matters but the thought that counts when you gift something to someone special in your life.