10 Things Never To Say To New Parents

New parents have a very tough and emotional time with their baby. They experience everything new almost daily. They learn from their experiences. They are very touchy about their baby and they feel everything they listen from their family and friends. They are always anxious about future life and try to cope up with the difficulties in the best possible way. When people give their comments and suggestion to them they became more anxious and sometimes these comments make them angry. In their new experience with their baby, they do not want to listen to any negative comments. They had already seen a very difficult time in pregnancy and delivery. Now they want to be happy with their newly arrived baby. We should try to avoid some strange and weird comments.


Do Not Comments On Physical Features Of The Baby

Parents are always very sensitive and emotional about their babies. Their baby is the best creature on earth. They do not want to listen to anything negative or bad for their baby. It makes them annoyed as well as tense if someone says anything negative about the baby. So nobody should discuss the physical features of the baby that his eyes are very small and his nose is not as beautiful as his mother or father.


Do Not Discuss The Complexion Of The Baby

The complexion is also considered a standard of beauty. So we should try to avoid discussing the complexion of the newly born baby. Never say that your baby is not as fair as you are or your baby’s complexion is getting darker day by day. This type of comment is really painful for the parents.


Avoid Talking About The Weight Of The Mother As Well As Of Baby

Sometimes people very frankly comment on the weight of the baby or the mother. In frankness, they forget that what should be said and what should be avoided. This is not a good practice. Nobody wants to listen that he or she is bulky and does not look good. Parents want to keep their baby healthy and chubby and if someone says that your baby is too weak you should pay attention to him, this will increase the tension of the parents. In the same way, if you say to the mother that you do look as if you have not delivered yet, you have not lost your weight, it will make her anguish and annoyed. 


Do Not Say That Your Baby Weeps Too Much

Babies cry and nobody can tell how much they should cry. Every baby is unique in his features and habits. Some babies cry less and some cry more. But whatever is the habit of the baby, parents have to adjust to that. Nobody should comments that your baby cries a lot. What is the problem with him or her? Why he or she is always weeping? This comment makes the parents worried about their child.


Do Not Inquire That Does Your Husband Help You Out In Taking Care Of The Baby?

This is a too personal question to ask a wife that is your husband a helping for you or he is irresponsible and indifferent to the baby? This topic is not an accurate topic for discussion. Nobody should poke his nose into the personal matters of the couple.


Keep Your Suggestions About Family Planning To Yourself

Talking about family planning is weird to the new parents. Their baby has just arrived and they are spending their happy time with him or her. They can best decide when they should have a second baby. A person who is not taking care of their baby and who does not have to take or give anything to them should keep himself away from their matters.


Never Say That You Hold Your Baby Too Much Or You Do Not Give Proper Time To Him

Parents know how to deal with their babies. They love their baby and try to take care of their baby in the best possible way. It will be a silly and weird comment to say that you give too much time to your baby. You hold him too much or you do not give him proper time. Parents never ignore their babies and they want to give more and more time and affection to them. So it will be a mindless suggestion from your side.


Never Say To A New Mom That She Should Enjoy The Life Even If She Has A Baby

New parents need time to adjust to the baby and his habits and responsibilities. Everyone tries his best to spend his life. Nobody wants to spoil his life due to anything. The arrival of the baby is a blessing and parents enjoy his or her arrival. When anyone says to them that they are looking exhausted and they are not enjoying their lives, they feel it bad and it seems very negative thinking at the time of happiness and joy.


Avoid Asking That How Will You Manage Your Baby With Your Job?

If the new mom is a working woman. She will have some plans for her baby that how will she manage with the baby? And who will take care of her baby? When people ask her how she will manage the job and baby at the same time. It makes her annoyed and tense.


Asking About Breast-Feeding Is Also A Weird Question

The decision of breastfeeding or bottle feeding is entire of parents and they only have the right to decide everything about their baby. It will not give a good impression to the parents if you give your suggestions that what they should adopt and what should not be adopted.

So when you visit any new parents, you should keep in view some points that you should talk about and you should not comment on. Whenever you visit anyone, you should give a positive and pleasant impression. Never prove yourself an unpleasant and unwanted individual.