Welcome the New Baby with A Baby Hamper Gift

There are few things in the world which can bring joy to a family, other than a baby. The birth of a healthy child is considered a blessing from God’s and it is nature’s way of moving forward. A new baby in the family signifies the birth of a new generation. Welcoming the new baby should hence be a very special event.


A baby hamper gift is one of the best ways to shower your love on the new baby. Today, you can get customized gift hampers for both boys and girls.


Apart from the fact that these hampers are very cute to look, they are also a great way to help the family because they contain some very essential items as well. A new baby needs a lot of love and care and some items are crucial. Here are some of the items which are mostly found in baby gift hampers:


  • Feeding bottles are a must because the baby is sure to go on formula milk after the first three or four months.
  • Baby socks, the cutest ever, to keep the baby warm during winters
  • A matching baby cap is also to be found in most hampers
  • Some kind of soft toy- mostly a teddy bear
  • Pacifiers- to soothe the crying baby
  • Some kind of chocolate or goodies for the new mum.


Depending on whether the baby is a boy or a girl, the basket in which the hamper comes can be ordered in pink or blue.


On the other hand, you can also have your own customized baby gift hampers. Some other items which you can include in the hamper are:

  • Baby towels: Babies need a lot of cleaning up to do. Soft towels are a must so that they can always be wrapped in fresh, clean ones every time they are washed.
  • Wipes: Again, a very essential item as babies have to be cleaned up a lot. A new mom needs an endless supply of wipes for all the cleaning she has to do.
  • Diapers: This is another essential item which the baby needs, and we all know why!
  • Mittens: Babies have a habit of thumb-sucking, and so putting on mittens is a very good idea to prevent that. Some babies also tend to scratch their faces and mittens can stop that from happening.
  • Baby blankets: These are the cutest ever, because baby blankets come in the most adorable prints. They are usually available in blue and pink colors, with some kind of cartoon characters printed on them. Having a stock of baby blankets is a good idea because the baby could soil them while sleeping at night and they have to be washed immediately. Since they take some time to dry completely, a few extra in the store cupboard is good.


There are of course baby hampers available with all the toiletries needed for a baby, and they happen to be a very popular gift idea. These hampers usually contain:


  • Baby soap: These are the mildest soaps, often made from natural ingredients and completely free from artificial fragrances. Just the thing you need when you are bathing the baby.
  • Baby shampoo: A good baby shampoo is a must to take care of your baby’s delicate tresses. The shampoos are specially formulated to keep the scalp feeling soft and fresh after a wash.
  • Baby toothbrush: When those tiny milk teeth start showing, this is what you will need. Little baby brushes, with the softest bristles, are often a part of the diapers.
  • Baby Powder: It is essential to keep the baby’s skin dry and fresh at all times to prevent baby rashes. Apply powder after each wash will do the job.
  • Baby lotion and creams: This is the best way to pamper the baby. A good moisturizing lotion or crème after a bath will soothe the baby’s skin and leave it soft and smooth.
  • Baby oil: If you want to give the baby a good massage, you need body oil to do that. Baby oils are infused with the goodness of Vitamin C and they are very light and non- greasy. Just what you need to develop strong bones and muscles.


The best thing is that unisex baby gift hampers are also available these days. So if you want to surprise the mother with something nice even before the baby has arrived, but you do not know the gender of the baby, then this is a great hamper idea.


Usually, the contents of the hamper are more or less the same because there are very few differences in a newborn girl or boy. However, the color of the hamper is mostly gender-neutral and prints and motifs associated socially with boys or girls are not present. Nevertheless, they are just as useful, no matter what the gender of the baby is. These hampers make for great gift items during a baby shower.


If you cannot deliver the baby gift hamper in person, you can also order splendid hampers online and have them delivered to the mother on the appointed date. Apart from traditional hampers, there are so many other ways in which you can show your love to the baby.


Baby nappy cakes are all the rage now. They are gift hampers, but they are shaped like a cake and filled with lots of goodies for the baby. Essential items like blankets, baby clothes, nappies, onesies, and soft toys are beautifully arranged to look like a cake. You can be sure this gift of yours will be deeply appreciated.


With these baby hamper gift ideas, you will be able to show your love and warmth to the new baby. Although the baby would be too young to understand any of it, you can be sure that the baby’s parents will love the thought you put into selecting the items for the baby.