What Is the Average Value/Cost of A Typical Baby Gift in Singapore?

Are you invited to a baby shower and confused about how much should you spend on a baby shower gift? It can be difficult to decide how much to spend, especially for men or people who have not bought gifts for a baby before. At the same time, there are so many options present out there because a baby requires a lot of things. Here, we will discuss what the average value of a typical baby gift in Singapore is.

The cost of a baby gift that people will present to their relatives or friends should not entirely depend on the amount that the host spends on the party. The host invited you because they consider you a part of their loved ones. That’s why you should select a baby present depending on your thoughtfulness, care, and affection for the parents and the baby.

So, this helps you to select the perfect gift for the newborn only if you can attach emotions to it. When it comes to a baby gift, you have so many options available in Singapore. Most of the people go for a baby hamper that features lots of items of high quality and value. At the same time, it is reasonable for all present seekers.

Gifts for a baby come in various designs and some of them come in a basket or a hamper. If you do not like the hamper thing, you can purchase the items individually. Based on what they like to offer, people can spend around $10 at a minimum to around $1000 at a maximum. From a bag to diapers to an ordinary changing mat to baby hampers of accessories and baby essentials, you will definitely find something that suits your budget. You can find these things online or at a nearby store, which are reputable and known especially for baby shower gifts.


How Well Do You Know the Person?

While buying a baby gift hamper in Singapore, you have to consider for whom you are purchasing it. Plus, how close you are to this person. If the recipient belongs to a wealthy family, then you do not have to present expensive gifts as they possibly got those items for their baby.

This needs to be the key indicator of how much you should spend on a baby gift. If you are closer to acquaintances or co-workers, then this could be put in a lower spending bucket. On the other hand, if you are a grandparent, then it goes without saying that you have to purchase those big expensive baby gifts.

If you are looking for something for a distant cousin, acquaintance, or co-worker, then pick off something from the mother’s registry. If you are not required to spend much, then look for some items falling under $25, which could be anything from baby lotions to baby soaps that the mother asked for.

Undoubtedly, there is a pressure that everyone feels to buy something fun and cute but new parents will admire the practicality that your gift serves the most. Here, you have options like inflatable tubs, bottle warmer, etc.

If you are invited by your relative, cousin, or close friend to a baby shower, then you may like to gift them presents based on what they actually need. Here, you can think about a cradle that costs between $50 and $100, which is a nice buy. If not that, then go for a gift basket packed with a baby’s hygiene kit, clothes, diapers, and bottles, which might cost you about $200.


Things to Consider While Choosing a Present for New Parents

First-time parents can be overwhelmed by the number of things they require to buy for a new baby. They have put a lot of research and thought into the selection of items on the baby’s registry. So, it would be convenient for people like you to ensure that you get a present they will love and appreciate.

New parents will love to have essential items like car items and strollers, which come with a big price tag. If you want to give something like that, then pooling money with your relatives or friends is a perfect way to get more expensive and essential items. So, you can consider group gifts to present big-ticket items, which could be harder for new parents to afford. If not that, then go for gift cards from a reputable baby gift store, from where new parents can get anything they need.

If you are an experienced parent yourself, then you may like to present a baby gift you personally believe is a lifesaver, even if that thing is not listed on their registry. For instance, you can pack a diaper bag with some good swaddles, board books, and bottles. Also, add a note in the card about how you found those items useful with your child or to pass on sage advice.

When you gift presents to your closest friends or family members, it is just your thought that really counts. Also, it might not be necessary to bring gifts to the party with you but you anyway do it for the affection and care you feel for the family. It is just a sweet gesture to make the friends or family members happy as they feel the care and love you have for them. When you go to a baby shower, it is not always necessary that you have to give presents to the baby. The gift could be for the mother also.

So, you do not have to think about the cost while buying something for a baby shower. Consider the budget that you are comfortable with or can afford when it comes to a baby gift. Also, your relationship with the recipient has a large take on gift budget guidelines. Now, just go for some thoughtful and exciting baby shower gifts that come to your mind and make the moment memorable for the new parents.