Why Do Babies Celebrate 100 Days (Chinese Full Moon)?

In Singapore, one of the traditions in having a new baby is the celebration of Chinese Full Moon or 100 Days. For parents and their family and friends, it is a milestone for the baby to reach the first 100 days, and it is worth celebrating. In addition, it is also a celebration for the mother for surviving the 100 days after giving birth because the mother and child are both vulnerable. Moreover, there are other significant reasons why the first 100 days of the baby is celebrated in Singapore and in most parts of Asia. Here are some of the most important reasons why babies are celebrated for 100 days or Chinese full moon:


  • Because of Tradition

In Chinese tradition, the first 100 days of the baby is considered as an auspicious occasion that should be celebrated. It has been practiced since the ancient times when the mortality rate of infants increased significantly because of scarce medical care. It was such a major milestone for the family whenever the babies reach one full month. The Chinese Full Moon or one full month after the baby was born was a common tradition. However, the 100 day mark is more common nowadays. It marks the first 100 days of the baby and of the mother who recovered from the delivery.

Traditionally, the 100th-day celebration was known in several Asian countries as the Full Moon Party, Red Egg Party, and Ginger Party. However, the tradition may vary from one country to another and from family to family. Prayers, traditional Chinese foods, and burning of incense are expected during the celebration, and these practices are observed in order to protect the baby and the whole family.

Friends and relatives come to join the celebration and to wish the baby good health and prosperity. They bring and share red eggs and pickled gingers with each other as a sign of good luck wishes. They also bring gifts to the baby for the 100 days celebration. The red eggs were symbolic of the baby’s birth, and its egg shape referred to the cycle of life. The eggs were dyed red to symbolize happiness, joy, and wealth in the Chinese culture.

Red eggs, however, were sent in odd number to wish the baby girl good luck and a brighter future, while red eggs in even numbers were meant to wish the baby boy a prosperous and healthy life. The tradition of celebrating the 100th day of the baby varied from region to region, too.


  • Because of Superstitious Beliefs

Even before the baby is born, there are superstitious beliefs that many ancient people believed. They believed that a pregnant woman should have a happy disposition all throughout the pregnancy period because it makes the baby healthy and happy. The mother should also refrain from thinking and feeling negative thoughts.

Following the birth of the baby, it is also believed that the first full month of the baby is a crucial stage of infancy. When the baby survives the first month, the whole family celebrates it. The mother of the baby was also vulnerable, according to this superstitious belief. They believed that the mother becomes too weak after giving birth. Making it through the first 100 days of rest and nutritious diet should be celebrated.


  • Because of Celebration

The first 100 days of the baby, as well as the mother, are a reason for celebration. It signifies that both the little baby and the mother survived the crucial stage. However, in the modern age, mothers have become more flexible about the celebration.

Throughout the years, the celebration has changed because most of the modern parents are no longer bound by the traditions and superstitious beliefs. They prefer to celebrate in restaurants or playrooms instead of celebrating the occasion at home. The food they prefer to be served also changed from the traditional sticky rice, red eggs, and gingers to glamorous customized cake, pastries, pastas, and bread. Also, they prefer to decorate the area with colorful party decorations and accessories like balloons, garlands, banners, and ribbons.

On the other hand, the intention of the celebration remains the same. It is to celebrate the baby’s first 100 days and the baby’s special part in the family.


  • Because of Trends

Babies are celebrated on first 100 days because it has become a trend. As the trend continues, there are things to consider in planning the party, whether it is to keep the tradition or to celebrate in a modern-traditional form. From the venue to the catering services, goodies to give, theme and decorations, and every detail of the celebration, it is good for mothers to have the 100 days of planning and preparation.

As soon as the baby arrives, everyone is excited to see and welcome the new baby. Family and friends are also thinking of what gifts to bring to the special 100-day celebration. Based on traditions, the gifts for the baby should be wrapped in red paper or envelope to express good luck. However, most of the baby hamper gifts nowadays are wrapped in colorful and adorable gift wrappers, and sometimes, some gifts are unwrapped.

Money and jewelry are also a popular choice for 100-day celebration gifts. An amount of money in red packet symbolizes wealth while the jewelry symbolizes longevity lock and protection against bad spirit. Baby clothes are also an ideal option to give on baby’s 100 days.