10 Reasons To Eat More Chocolate Today and Every Day

Chocolate Hamper or Chocolate! Don’t we all just love to eat them anytime, anyway? Yes, chocolates are mostly eaten by everyone, everywhere, which also contributes to its popularity. Most times when life has failed, and we are feeling all down and depressed, chocolate has always been there to console us. Also, at times when we just need that boost of fire that would keep us moving, chocolate has also been there for us.

Basically, a lot of people have questioned the health benefits of chocolate, leaving us in a whole dilemma of having to stay away from chocolates. But is it true that chocolates are not healthy? This is the point where I would have to ask you which type of chocolate are you referring to. If you are referring to those chocolates made from pure cocoa, those dark brown in color chocolate, then I can assure you they are totally healthy. If the chocolate you are eating is made with more than 70% cocoa, my advice to you is for you to eat more of it.

If you are eating healthy chocolate, you should eat more of it every day. There are lots of health benefits of eating healthy chocolates. That is why I am going to give you 10 reasons to eat more chocolate today and every day. Here are the reasons that would make you eat more chocolate and would not make you feel bad about it.

1.  Chocolates are good for circulation and the heart

One of the health benefits of eating more chocolates is that it helps circulation in your body. Apart from that, chocolates are also good for the heart. There is a common cause of most heart diseases today, which is called arteries clogging. Arteries clogging are an effect caused as a result of the arteries being blocked by white blood cells or other components in the blood. When the white blood cells cling to the arteries, it can cause blockage in the arteries. Eating chocolates would ensure that your white blood cells do not cling to your arteries thereby preventing the arteries from clogging. Eating chocolate can also cause the arteries to become flexible, and this helps prevent the arteries from clogging.


2. The risk of stroke is reduced

Another benefit of eating chocolate is the fact that it helps prevent the risk of stroke. Stoke can be a deadly disease and has lead to the death of many men. But who would have thought that by eating the right food, you can prevent this illness? And not just anyhow food, but good chocolates. So, eat more chocolates and say goodbye to any risk of stroke in your body system.


3. Chocolates are rich in minerals

If you are in search of something that has just about enough of the right minerals that are needed by your body, then you are probably looking for chocolates. Chocolates are rich with just about the right amount of essential minerals. Chocolates contain essential minerals like Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, Iron and many more.

4. Chocolates reduce the level of cholesterol in the body

Low-density lipoproteins are bad for the body and should be avoided. Eating chocolate helps to reduce the level of the low-density lipoprotein in the body and in return, it helps to reduce the level of the good cholesterol in the body. When the amount of low-density lipoprotein in the body is high, there is a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. But on the other hand, since chocolate helps to reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein in the body, it can also be seen in a way to help reduce the risk of contacting a cardiovascular disease. Thereby chocolate helps you live a healthy life.


5. Chocolate helps your skin develop better

If you are in search of a remedy that would help improve your skin, then you should consider eating more of those healthy chocolates. Chocolate from your local flower delivery is something I am pretty sure you would not need to struggle with to keep up with eating. Those dark colored chocolates are the best you should consider eating more. Those dark chocolates contain flavonols which can protect your skin from damaging sunlight.


6. Chocolate helps you lose more weight

Have you considered a food item that can make you lose more weight as you enjoy its delightful tastes? Then you should consider eating more of chocolates to lose weight. When you eat chocolates before you decide to eat your regular meal, you will eat way less than you should. Most especially if you eat chocolate 20 minutes before your meal, your brain will release hormones that would tell you are full, thereby making you eat less.


7. Chocolate is very good for mothers as well as babies

If you are an expectant mother, you can also consider eating more chocolates as a way of dealing with stress. Moreover, babies love eating chocolates, so give it to them, and make them smile a whole lot more.

8. Chocolate could help you prevent diabetes

It may sound completely absurd, but chocolate could help you prevent diabetes. Cocoa which is the primary ingredient in chocolate helps to improve the sensitivity of insulin in the body. In that sense, eating more of that dark chocolate, and of course, in moderation, can help with delaying the onset of diabetes.


9. Chocolates are good for our brain

The cocoa that is used in chocolate is rich in flavanols. Dark brown chocolates are especially rich in flavanol, which helps to reduce the rate at which older people experience memory loss.  Also, those dark colored chocolates have anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial when it comes to treating brain injuries.


10. Chocolate can help in making us feel a lot better

The chemical compound phenylethylamine which is present in chocolates helps to create a feeling of happiness anytime we eat chocolate. So, whenever we eat chocolate, it helps the brain to release feel-good endorphins like the dopamine. Eat chocolates anytime you feel down or depressed and have a great time.