Does Eating Chocolate Make You More Intelligent?

You got excited when you received a chocolate hamper from a flower delivery before you consume the chocolate, read this.  The truth is that a lot of people eat chocolate every day. And some people eat chocolate for a whole lot of weird reasons. Some of which are probably true, but one of the questions that actually caught my attention is if eating chocolate make you smarter? This question actually caught my attention because we all love chocolates no doubt, and you can just imagine what a breakthrough it would be if what we love so much can help us with what we do not love so much, and that is take test or examinations.

Actually, chocolates are made from a species of cocoa known as the Theobroma cacao. And cacao effects on the brain are quite promising. When you are talking about memory gain, those dark chocolate and memory buildings are relatable.

Does Eating Chocolate Will Studying Improves Your Grade

Because we all love eating chocolates, a lot of scientists has been trying all they can to prove that chocolates are beneficial to our health. And with just a little bit of luck, they have been able to propound a new suggestion about chocolates. So, does eating chocolate while studying improves your grade? Yes, it does, and from the latest researches being carried out by scientist, they have been able to back it up with some scientific procedures.

Eating chocolate has been proven to be able to improve our brain capability by 25%, but you may have to eat a little bit more chocolate. And I will want to believe that would not be a problem. On the contrary, it should be more of a treat than a task. You would be required to eat more chocolate of up to about 6 more bars of chocolates on a daily bases.

The black Theobroma cacao is known to be considered high in flavanols. And flavanols are known to be able to improve the brains memory box. It has also been studied that cacao effects on the brain are so beneficial that it also helps even the elderly recover lost memories.

So, if you are about to write an examination, eating more chocolate can significantly help you with having a retentive memory. That is basically why a whole lot of people are found eating chocolate when they are about to write an examination. Chocolate improves memory when you eat healthy ones. So, if you want to study, ensure you eat just about a little more chocolate and see yourself passing that examination in flying colors. 

Can Chocolate Be Disruptive To Your Sleep

Apart from the question if chocolate can make you smart and pass your examination in flying colors, there is also a question that if chocolate can disrupt your sleep. Basically, if you are making plans to pass your examinations, then you have to be prepared to stay awake for a more extended period. Staying awake is not all that rosy, and most times we may not just be able to keep ourselves awake for as long as we want to.

Eating chocolate can disrupt your sleeping order, and make you feel more active than you usually would feel. But because you want to pass your examinations does not mean that you would not give your brain the rest it needs. Sleeping is good, and it is essential if you want to stay fit and healthy in other to pass that examination you are so much preparing for. But, at the same time, you also need to read, and that would require you to stay awake.

The reason why chocolate disrupts your sleeping order is that chocolates contain caffeine. But the composition of caffeine in chocolate varies depending on the species of the cocoa used in preparing the chocolate. Dark colored chocolates are usually associated with containing more caffeine than regular chocolate.

Does Eating Chocolate While Studying Help

Moments just before your examinations and perhaps it is a type of examination you dread, then you may want to ensure you study to the best that you can. Based on our studies so far, by now you should be aware that chocolate can help boost your memories and not only that, it can ensure that you have a more retentive memory.

Also, when it comes to studying with chocolate, you can enjoy its ability that keeps you awake as you study. Chocolates are probably your best bet when it comes to studying because it can keep you awake when studying, and most importantly, it would ensure that your memory is in its best possible shape for that examination you are about to write.

Because of the caffeine content in the chocolates, when you consume just even a little bit of it before going to bed, there is every tendency that it would disrupt your sleep. A lot of people take advantage of this idea and use it anytime they are about to prepare for an examination. Because chocolate can make you smarter and not only that, it also helps to keep you awake, then no doubt eating more chocolate would definitely make you better when it comes to that particular examination that you dread so much.

So, does eating chocolate while studying help? Yes, definitely it helps much. You cannot indulge yourself in munching your favorite chocolate as you prepare for that examination and still have that same feeling of dreadfulness. Also, note that it is not compulsory that you consume only bar chocolate to enjoy all those benefits aforementioned. You can also consume chocolate in the form of drinkable beverages and still get to enjoy all the benefits attached to chocolates. Most often the drinkable is the best to take during late night studying. The reason why drinkable chocolates are the best to take at night is that they would not result in any form of tooth decay or problems. Because chewing candies can stick to your teeth cavity and that can result in teeth problems.