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Clementi Mall Florist in Singapore Decode the Meaning of Number of Roses

Shopping online and sending flowers as gift is indeed a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion. But flower gifting will be more meaningful if you know what a flower arrangement means. The Flower Delivery of Roses, for example, will mean so much more to a wife or sweetheart when it speaks of a special romantic message. A hand bouquet of Roses is a perfect way to say “I Love You” to someone, but it could also mean other messages depending on numbers. Here are some guides from the Clementi Mall Florist in decoding the meaning of number of Roses:

1 Rose

A single Rose is great to give on first date to show your real intention or to express love at first sight. A single Rose is also ideal to give if you want to tell someone that, even after a long period of time, you are still in love with her.

2 Roses

Two Roses are given to express mutual affection and love. When you know you are mutually in love, a gift of two Roses is perfect.

3 Roses

Three Roses is a perfect hand bouquet to give on first month of relationship.

6 Roses

Six Roses make a beautiful flower arrangement that expresses infatuation. If you want to let someone know you are infatuated with her, why not send her a same day flower delivery of six Roses.

9 Roses

Nine Roses are meant to say the love will last forever. If you want to assure her that you will be together forever, this is your best flower gift option.

10 Roses

For a perfect score, ten Roses speak of perfect love. A bouquet of ten Roses expresses perfection, which means that you do not want to look for anything else anymore because your love is perfect.

12 Roses

A dozen Roses may express romance for all months in a year. But according to the 24 hour florist at clementi, it actually shouts “Will you be mine?”

13 Roses

To a dear friend, thirteen Roses make a perfect bouquet to say that you are meant to be friends forever.

15 Roses

Say sorry with a bouquet of fifteen Roses and your apologies will surely be accepted.

20 Roses

A bouquet made up of twenty Roses means your feelings are sincere. Send her this bouquet and make her feel secured.

Let the Clementi Mall Florist in Singapore help you with the meaning of the numbers of Roses. There are more bouquets of Roses in different numbers that mean different messages. It is always a good choice to send Flower Delivery Singapore of Rose bouquet to a friend or to someone you love.