10 Flowers and Plants You Never See Again

Here are 10 flowers and plants that have gone extinct

The earth itself has been around for almost 4 billion years with that is the ecosystem that we know today. Of course, it was not like this before. The earth has undergone a lot of changes even through the years when a man has made its way here, maybe even during the time. If you look closely or study the earth from when it was made, you would find that there has been a lot of changes, especially with its livability for other creatures, plants and flowers.

This may be due to climate change, or the interference of man and animals but there has been a lot of plants and flowers that have gone extinct. They may have found remnants of it or stories from cavemen but these flowers and plants are no longer living and thriving on this planet. They could have gone extinct years ago or even just recently. Either way, you would not see the likes of them in this age today.

10 extinct flowers and plants

  • Cooksonia

These plants had existed even before dinosaurs roamed the earth. They have lived for more than 425 million years ago, as studies suggest. They are water-loving plants and were believed to be the first plants to actually have a stem.

  • The Franklin Tree

This tree had just disappeared or gone extinct recently. They were native to the Altamaha River in Georgia and was discovered in the 1700s. The name was derived from Benjamin Franklin. This plant only lived for another 50 years after it was discovered before it was declared extinct. The reason for their extinction has not been discovered but it was believed it was because the soil had been destroyed by a cotton plantation that leaked its chemicals into the river.

  • Toromiro Tree

These trees had believed to be gone extinct because of deforestation. Human interference. Although some seeds were saved before it was announced extinct, it is still considered extinct because it has been proven that they will or can never grow in the natural environment and must be cultivated and grown inside greenhouses.

  • Valerianella Affinis

The reason why this plant has gone extinct is still a mystery waiting to be discovered and proven by the scientist. This plant loved the dry weather and is a native of Yemen. It grew on the hill slopes during the 19th century.

  • Silphium

These flowers resemble daisies and you may mistake daisies for them as they really look almost alike. They are known to have long and yellow petals, like yellow daisies. However, the flower itself has not made an appearance since the 1st Century BC where it was believed to have gone extinct.

  • The Saint Helena Mountain Bush

it was named after the island of St. Helena because it was a native there and found to grow only there. The plant itself disappeared after the population increased on the island.

  • Hawaii Chaff flower

If you have been to Hawaii during the 1950’s and 60’s, you have encountered this flower as it has only been known to be extinct just recently. It is believed that the reason why these flowers had gone extinct is because of the population increase in Hawaii when it became a popular travel destination. The flower itself did not adapt well to the modernization of the island and could not keep up with its progress.

  • The Cry Violet

This beautiful flower was too loved and too wanted. It started disappearing during the 1930’s but was completely declared extinct by the 1950’s. IT was found in France and the cause of its extinction was that it was picked and sold at a faster rate than it was grown and cultivated. Too much of something is never good.

  • Kalimantan Mango

This tree is a native to Indonesia. It could grow up to 30 feet tall and was considered as a tropical fruit tree. The tree itself had gone extinct because of illegal logging. Although, because of its fruit and taste, botanist worked hard to try and save it and cultivate it on their own.

  • Prototaxites

These plants have disappeared at least 350 million years ago. They were found in many places in the world and could grow up to 24 feet in height and even had a width of three feet. They were thought to be some form of algae or lichen but were later found out to be some kind of fungi. There have been no recorded proofs of what this actually is but it has been one of the organisms that first called earth, home.

There are many reasons why plants and flowers go extinct and mostly it is because people do not know how to take care of the environment or the things and organisms that grow in it. Due to the rapidly increasing population and illegal practices and even dumping wastes in our oceans, there may be more than 10 plants and flowers going extinct. Although some of the plants may disappear without reason, climate change is still one of the big factors why organisms like plants and animals have a hard time to adapt to the changing environment. Everyone knows the after effects of climate change and pollution and even the after-effects of extinction of animals and plants. Everyone should make sure to keep the world safe and life-sustaining for the years to come.