10 Ways to Save Money on Flowers for Your Wedding

Are you dreaming of having the most glamorous and lovely wedding flowers on your big day but you are only working within a tight budget for the flowers. You are fortunate to have professional and reliable wedding florists to work with. It is expected that every bride looks for ways to save money on their wedding flowers, especially nowadays wherein the most fantastic blooms are so expensive. The Flower Delivery of your wedding flowers does not have to be expensive and costly because your wedding florist can help you save money on flowers with these 10 simple but effective ways:

  1. Work within your budget.

You will save a lot of money when you set your budget and work within it. If you are hiring a professional wedding florist, discussing about your budget for the wedding flowers will make it very effective to save on cost and still have the best flowers on your wedding day. Allow your florist to select the right blooms for your theme, motif, and style of wedding and listen to what she may suggest. She knows how to work with your budget and what flowers are best for the entire event.

  1. Choose perennial flowers.

Aside from the fact that perennial flowers are cheaper than other types of flowers, and their prices basically remain throughout the year, perennial flowers are also durable and beautiful. They are just perfect for the bridal hand bouquet and special wedding flower arrangement for the altar and for the reception tables. You can have the Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily which comes in yellow, orange, and purple. Euphorbia, on the other hand, is also great for the aisle because of the blue-green leaves, especially if you are planning for a late winter or early spring wedding. Perennial flowers come in wide varieties of types, colors, shades, patterns, and sizes, making them a good option for inexpensive wedding flowers.

  1. Use local and seasonal blooms.

You will save a lot of money on the cost of your wedding flowers when you opt for local and seasonal flowers instead. The flower shop has access to the best local and seasonal flowers in the region. Flowers like Peonies, Ranunculus, Dahlias, Anemone, and Hydrangeas are just among the types of flowers to choose from, aside from the ever-famous and available Orchids. Local and seasonal flowers are not only cheaper but also fresher and more durable.

  1. Add cheaper blooms to the pricier ones.

It will cut your expenses on wedding flowers if you will choose to add cheaper blooms to the pricey and expensive ones. If you are looking for a stunning wedding flower design but on a tight budget, there are hundreds of types of flowers to choose from that are priced less but still looking great. Your wedding florist, and even the online florist, can give you bright ideas for the mixed bouquets and arrangements.

  1. Utilize larger and fluffier blooms.

Instead of buying many pricey flowers to decorate the venue or to fill spaces in the tables and stage, you can make use of the larger blooms and fluffier flowers for this purpose. Technically, you don’t have to use too many flowers for the table decorations. A few pieces, or even a single stem, of big flowers will do.

  1. Stick to two or three basic flowers for the entire wedding.

Your wedding florist will never have a hard time buying and arranging your wedding flowers if they are of few varieties, thus the professional fee is low and affordable. In addition, your florist will be able to place bulk orders on florist delivery for the wedding flowers, and bulk orders are cheaper.

  1. Repurpose or recycle the wedding flowers.

The wedding flowers, especially the bridal bouquets, are professionally and artistically arranged by the florist. Each bouquet is intricately arranged to make the event more memorable for the bride. Moreover, it is a lovely arrangement that can also be used on the reception table to show off the design and beauty and to cut on cost of flowers. Other flowers that are used in the aisle and ceremony can also be repurposed as table centerpieces and decorations for the reception. Your florist knows how to handle such option.

  1. Make use of the garden blooms.

Another way to save on cost of flowers for weddings is to make use of the garden blooms. You may choose to have a fabulous garden wedding in a lovely garden already filled with beautiful flowers. You don’t have to buy flowers for the decorations if you choose to have the ceremony and the reception held in a garden. There are locations and venues designed and intended for weddings.

  1. Grow your own flowers for the weddings.

Most of the flowers can be planted and nurtured in your own backyard or garden. If you are planning for a fantastic wedding next year, you can start planting and growing perennials and annuals now. Sunflowers, Zinnias, Peonies, Lilies, Asters, Lilacs, Hydrangeas, and Gardenias are among the flowers that are easy to care and grow at home.

  1. DIY your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.

Simple bouquets and arrangements can be done with DIY tricks. There are many online tutorials to follow if you want to make your own bouquets. Instead of hiring florists to do the simple and minor flower designs, assign a family member or friend to do it for you.