2019/20: 10 Father’s Day Gifts for an Expecting Father or New Dad

Nothing is more exceptional than turning into a new dad out of the blue (or for the second time). It is a blessing for the family, especially the dad to welcome a new member to the family. The new father will welcome the effort you put into acknowledging his commitments to your loving family.

Here is a list of special and cool gifts that you can give to an expecting or a new father.

  1. Key Ring

Try to get one shaped like a lure. Just remember to buy the one that can be customized. The safe bet is to engrave the baby’s name on it. But, if you are close to the family, you can ask for the new born’s height and weight so you can engrave those on the key ring too. This simple gift might even prompt the dad to look forward to teaching the kid how to fish in the future.

  • A Baby Hamper Gift Box

Assemble this baby hamper gift inside a tool or tackle box. If you don’t want to buy a new one, clean the old one at home or get one at a thrift store. Place diapers, baby wipes, rash cream, bibs, emergency treatment supplies, and toys inside the box. You can likewise include funny things, for example, a couple of goofy glasses to shield from vomits, or a napkin to catch baby’s snort. These things are for laughs, but a new dad is likely to appreciate it along with the useful baby essentials. 

  • Comics Unlimited

This membership lets a Marvel dad have access to more than twenty thousand comics’ titles going right back to 1940’s experiences of Captain Marvel and as far as possible up to ones that recently released. Since Marvel loves releasing new titles constantly, the dad will get sharp pictures on their cell phone or tablet. This will serve as something to make him relax because babies can be exhausting. The subscription will provide him with bedtime stories for the children too.

  • Baby Wrap Carrier

This wrap will make it easy for the father to try babywearing. The material is often made from cotton to ensure a snug fit for the infant. The baby wrap is often flexible enough to enable the movement of the baby’s arms, and this will allow the dad to have free hands to do other things. Most babies love swaddling because it keeps them warm and close to their parent while sleeping. A quite good way to keep baby close to fulfill their needs promptly. Due to the ability to keep the baby arms in or out of the wrap, when they grow older they will be used to their hand movement. This will lessen the dangers that utilizing a baby blanket in the crib presents and this will enable your infant to have some personal freedom.

  • “I Have a New Baby, So Be Nice” T-Shirt

A simple dad-to-be shirt. A few fathers-to-be become worried over what their spouses experience with the hardships of pregnancy and child care. This gift is best if you are close to the family. The dad will probably make people giggle and be nicer to him as he rocks the shirt to work or on errands. It is recommended that you add other things to it before sending this humor gift to the dad-to-be. The wife might even gift it to her husband as it’s truly enjoyable to give. 

  • Creative Flower Hand Bouquet

A perfect gift for the flower lover, this combo is preparing Dad’s newborn to appreciate Dad’s obsession with flowers. Customize a manly hand bouquet for him from a professional flower delivery. Nothing screams bonding more than Dad and kid appreciating these gorgeous flowers.

  • Baby Canvas

The canvas is often housed in a sturdy wooden frame. The designers and photographers often have many options for you to pick from. You can write the baby’s and the parents’ names on the canvases. Or you could choose one with popular sayings like, “I love my dad”, “Dad, you rock. Love, _____.” Then you can select the color and size of the frame. Also, you can include any positive message – sort of like greeting card sayings.

  • A book

This book, Dad’s Playbook is made for all fathers. It contains over one hundred inspirational quotes from different kinds of coaches and players. It is intended to turn the new dad into a coach, one who will discipline, motivate, love, and mentor the baby. A few of the coaches in the book are Tommy Lasorda, Phil Jackson, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda, and John Madden. Many fathers will feel inspired by this book.

  • Mobile Camera Kit

Perfect gift for a dad that loves photography. This kit comes with everything such as GoPro Mount, Cellphone holder, Mini Ball Head, Camera Dolly Table Top Slider, to Selfie Stick. The Dad will be able to assemble the dolly, which will carry a seated camera around a slider for tabletop with a small ball head grasp. The kit comes with a camera dolly table stop, a GoPro holder, and a small ball along with a mount for GoPro, Camera Dolly Table Top Slider, and Mini Ball Head. Lastly, the camera has a stick for selfie and small ball to enable one to do rotary photography.