10 Amazing Flowers to Take to a Baby Shower

Baby showers will always be special for every expectant parent and for everyone invited over to celebrate the occasion. To make the celebration more special, bring along some beautiful flowers for baby showers. Check these 10 amazing flowers ideal to take to a baby shower:

1.     Sweet Peas

The soft color of Sweet Peas and the gentle scent make this flower a favorite baby shower bloom. It comes in a wide variety of colors like blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl. White and lavender Sweet Peas are also available in the early days of the summer season. Symbolizing pleasure, this is a perfect flower for a pleasurable gathering to welcome a new baby.

2.     Carnations

Popular as one of the romantic flowers, Carnations are also an ideal flower to bring along to a baby shower party. It comes in various colors and scents, but the most attractive feature of this flower is its beautiful ruffles. Although it is mistakenly considered as a funeral flower only, especially in specific parts of Asia, Carnation is a perfect choice for baby showers symbolizing admiration for light red color, love and affection for dark red color, purity, and innocence for white color, and gratitude for pink color.

3.     Dahlias

The elegant and sophisticated Dahlia flowers are just wonderful for baby shower celebrations. It may not be the first choice when it comes to baby shower flowers, yet it can be a surprise for the expectant parents. Taking this flower to a baby shower is a way to express your cheerful greetings to the family, knowing that the flowers of Dahlias symbolize innocence, dignity, and positivity.  A bouquet of Dahlia flowers looks impressive on the table as a centerpiece, too.

4.     Asiatic Lily

The gorgeous blooms of Asiatic Lily are definitely stunning, and no cheerful celebrations will be complete without these flowers. There are white Asiatic Lilies, which are often used to symbolize purity in marriage in the Western regions, but the yellow and orange blooms are commonly used to symbolize a newborn baby. If you are planning to attend a baby shower party, why not take this flower and let the celebrants know that you are excited about the new baby.

5.     Spider Mums

Bring along a bunch of Spider Mums when you attend a baby shower party. The beautiful flowers and the unique shape will surely amaze the expectant parents. You can even pair it with a basket of fresh fruits or a hamper of baby shower gifts. Spider Mums are known to symbolize purity and truth, as well as cheerfulness.

6.     Gerbera Daisy

The bright colors of Gerbera Daisy bring joy and happiness to the occasion. If you are attending a baby shower, take along with you a bouquet of this flower to shower the new mom and dad with adorable and meaningful flowers. The classic beauty of Gerbera Daisy is symbolic of purity, innocence, and pleasure, making it an ideal flower gift to celebrate the welcoming of a new baby.

7.     Roses

Roses come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and variegation. The dark red Roses are meant for romantic occasions while the soft colored Roses are perfect for a baby shower occasion. If the family is welcoming a new baby girl, you can bring a bouquet of pink Roses, and for a baby boy, you can have the blue ones. There are also other colors of Roses, like white, cream, peach, yellow, and red that can be ideal for the baby shower party. Roses can also be paired together with sweet treats and precious gifts like chocolates, cupcakes, and candies, which are common at any baby shower party.

8.     Baby’s Breath

The simply delicate flowers of Baby’s Breath are a must-have when it comes to bouquets and flowers for baby showers. Baby’s Breath flowers are a common filler flower, but because of its amazing beauty and unique versatile features, it has been considered as the main flower for weddings and for baby showers. Symbolic of innocence, purity, and everlasting love, Baby’s Breath makes your gift of flowers more meaningful. It is good to know, also, that this type of flower is available in different colors and arrangements.

9.     Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is one of the amazing flowers out there that people love for celebrations and occasions. Don’t forget to bring this flower when you attend the baby shower party. It comes in different colors like pink, yellow, white, red, orange, and salmon, giving you a lot of choices for the special celebration. In addition to that, Alstroemeria is symbolic of friendship, devotion, love, and strength. Most of the time a bouquet of Alstroemeria is given at a baby shower party to show or convey support to the new parents as they welcome a new baby.

10.   Tulips

Tulips are a wonderful choice if you are planning to bring flowers along to a baby shower party. They are a pretty flower that makes a lovely and delightful flower gift on baby showers. The bright colors of the bloom and the elegant slender structure of the flower create such an impressive gift on this special day. A bouquet of Tulips can be placed on top of the table as table centerpieces or as decoration on this cheerful day. Symbolizing rebirth because it blooms in the spring season, this flower is no doubt an amazing flower to take to a joyful celebration of welcoming the new bundle of joy in the family.