10 Best Indoor Self-Watering Planters

It’s not always possible that you remember when to water your plants and if that happens more frequently then there are high chances that the plants will dry out and eventually they will die.

So at that time if you are a true plant lover you will definitely come out with a life-saving solution right? Or you will try your best to search for solutions. So here I am to help you in saving your plants from drying out.

I am sure if you are a true plant lover you might have heard about self-watering planters, these planters have a huge and visible water meter with small holes that make them easy for watering and also provide enough drainage for ventilation.

So by keeping all these points in mind in this blog I have listed 10 best indoor self-watering planters that are not only easily available but also are very helpful in the growth of the plants you have.

So keep reading!!!


  1. Window garden aqua-phoric self-watering planter

As you know now that a self-watering planter is very helpful in managing plants health even for those people who are quite an inexperienced and they find it tough to keep their plants alive.

So if you are an inexperienced person and you have just started plantation then this aqua-phoric planter is just what you need.

The good thing about this planter is that it can be found in a variety of different colors from which you can choose and it also has an oxygen-rich soil fiber which means that all you need to do is to insert the plant inside it and rest the planter will do its magic.

It has a visible and also readable water level indicator which helps to find out when the plant needs water and when you need to add water in the planter.

This way you will not over-water them because over-watering results in unhappy plants which can be seen by the yellowing leaves.

The planter comes in a box along with the soil that you need and also with a list of instructions so that you can go through the steps to keep your plant alive and healthy.


  1. Resin hanging planter

Ok so we all have some hanging plants in the garden and it sometimes gets difficult to water them right? Let me guess! By tilting a can of water into the small planter? What happens next? A stream of water hit the floor after you water it right?

So this planter is your savior at that time it comes with a built-in reservoir which should be filled only once or even twice a week. There is an indicator that will display the water level and that will let you know when you should stop watering.

The good thing about this planter is that it is made up of weather-resistant resin and this planter has a coil at the hook so that you can easily tilt the plant while watering it.


  1. Misco flare planters

So if you want to convert all the plants into a self-watering system then this polypropylene plastic misco flare watering planter is just what you need.

The good thing about this planter is that it comes in so many colors as well as sizes like 7, 9 and even 16 inch so you can choose whatever is best for you.


  1. Wicker-look planter

This wicker-look planter is perfect for both inside and outside plants. This amazing and multi-purpose planter is available in basic two colors like white and mocha and also in two different sizes i.e. 16 inches as well as 19 inches.

It is weather as well as UV resistant plastic resin and can help to make all your plants self-sufficient for about 1-12 weeks which completely depends on the size of the plant.

This has a liner that is removable and also an integrated handle that is used for lifting the plant for watering or trimming or even transport to different places.


  1. Rectangular shaped cottage planter

This amazing planter is made up of UV and ice-resistant plastic therefore it works pretty well outdoors like porch or backyard as well as in the living room.

If you want to use it for outdoor purposes there is a drainage plug that you can use. This is both an indoor and outdoor planter and it works well for those plants that you need to bring inside when the temperature is either very high or very low.

It has a liner in a box shape for the plant, a reservoir of water and also an indicator of water level at the top of the planter.


  1. Carbon steel pot planter for indoor plants

There are hydro felt pads that are fit inside the planter which helps the water to travel from the reservoir up to the top of the plant. This planter is fixed on a water tray and the water tray or reservoir can hold some 10 ounces of water at a time.

This type of indoor planter is best for herbs which do need water but they can’t do any good if they are completely drenched.


  1. 3 pack Mkono planters

If you want to go for stylish planters on a budget then you must try these 3 sets of planters. These planters are made up of durable plastics which make them a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor plants.

These are easy to set up and they can hold up water up to 10 days if they are filled properly and even more but it completely depends on the plants and their water requirements.


  1. Elongated garden Basix planters window boxes

These are rectangular shaped window boxes that hold enough water for plants up to 2-3 weeks. This plant has a very unique and modern touch to it and its well designed as well as for the assigned task.

There is a handy water level indicator that will help you to find out when the plant needs water and that water can be added through the injection port.


  1. Trellis Garden on Wheels tree tower planters

This planter has a port that makes it quite easy to be refilled. The grill or fence can expand to a few feet tall so that it can easily support the plants inside it. It has wheels which means that you can move your plants to any desired location.

This planter is ideal for all those people who have limited space but they are very fond of plants.


  1. Self-watering tier planters

This is a many-tiered self-watering planter and it can accommodate almost 10 small plants and it has wheels which mean that you can carry the plants anywhere in your house.

At the bottom of each pot, there is a wick system from which the water can infiltrate. This is available in many colors like green and white.