What Beautiful Flowers to Send to a Depressed Friend?

When life seems a bit tough and that some of your friends are going through depressing situations, always keep in mind that you can help lighten up the load by giving the gift of flowers. Yes, it’s true. Flowers are one of the best gifts to give during this time. They are known to provide natural remedies to pain and illnesses, as well as to anxiety and sadness. Here are some of the most beautiful flowers that are ideal to send to a depressed friend:

·        Jasmine

The pretty little white flower of Jasmine, and its sweet scent, helps soothe away the tiredness as it stimulates sleep. It helps improve mental wellbeing and control emotions. It is emphasized that sleep is essential to a healthy body and a happy mind. Without complete, sound sleep, fatigue, and tiredness may lead to long-term depression and anxiety. If you know that your friend needs more rest and sleep to wear off stress brought by the hectic schedule or challenges in life, a bouquet of Jasmine flowers is perfect. You can also send her a pot of Jasmine plant, instead, so that she can enjoy the blooms almost every day.

·        Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful flower that can help reduce anxiety and depression, and even mild pain. In fact, in the early years, Lavender is used in treating insomnia, headache, anxiety, and more. The oil from Lavender flowers is used as aromatherapy because it is effective in providing a variety of benefits to the physical body and the mind. It produces a sweet aroma that stimulates a happy mood. If your friend is depressed, lift up her mood, and encourage happiness by sending her a bouquet of Lavenders.

·        Orchid

As the elegant flowers start to bloom, everyone is captivated by their beauty. But more than its beauty, the blooms help improve the quality of the air and the level of stress, thus make you feel better. Orchid flowers are commonly used for Feng Shui because they believe that this type of flower encourages positive energy in the homes. Also, based on researches, Orchids leave a positive impact on mental and emotional well-being. If you want to help your friend overcome sadness, anxiety, and depression send her an elegant bouquet of Orchids in different colors or in a single color.

·        Rose

The flowers of Roses are known as the most romantic flowers. But they also provide a positive impact on health and wellness. Rose calms the mind and soothes the emotions, and if you are sending a bouquet of Roses, choose to send the pink ones because they are known to convey admiration, appreciation, and encouragement. There are different colors of Roses at the flower shop, such as yellow, red, blue, and multi-colors. They are sure to bring delight to a gloomy heart and smiles to a sad face.

·        Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright and beautiful, and you can send them to a friend whenever she feels down. The beauty of this flower is enough to brighten up a room and lift up the mood. Its bright yellow color and its shape that resembles that of the sun bring cheerfulness to everyone, thus it is good to send a Sunflower bouquet to someone who needs a little cheering. Fortunately, this type of flower is available from the late spring season and throughout the summer season. You can even find them at the flower shops in the fall season.

·        Hydrangeas

The soft pastel colors of Hydrangeas and the gentle scent can make a gloomy heart feel better. The beautiful blooms evoke positive vibes, and the thoughtful gesture of sending a bouquet to a depressed friend will always be appreciated. Hydrangeas are available in white, pink, and blue colors. In mixed colors or in a single color, your flower gift is sure to make her smile. Go ahead and send this flower to a friend today to let her know that there are great things to be happy about, and life itself is one of them.

·        Gladiolus

The flowers of Gladiolus come in a variety of colors, like yellow, pink, red, orange, green, and purple. They are a perfect flower gift to someone feeling depressed and weak because they symbolize strength and they convey motivation. The tall structure and the bright blooms are sure to make your friend feel light and happy. If you want to motivate someone today to be positive in life despite the many challenges that come her way, send her a stunning bouquet of Gladiolus.

·        Asiatic Lily

Asiatic Lilies make a pleasant surprise, and it will do the trick of cheering up someone who feels a little depressed. The beautiful blooms burst in colors, too, that will make anyone’s heart jump up in joy, especially because the flower is symbolic of enthusiasm, positive energy, and happiness. Whether you choose to pair it with other equally beautiful blooms or let it stand alone in a bouquet that is designed fabulously, the flower gift will surely melt your friend’s heart.

·        Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy in one unique bouquet or floral arrangement can be the perfect gift to send to a friend when she is depressed. The bright and vibrant colors of Gerbera Daisy and the stunning bouquet design will bring cheers and good wishes not only on happy days but also on sad days. Symbolic of beauty, purity, and cheerfulness, you can have the most thoughtful gift for a friend who needs a little lift in the colorful flowers of Gerbera Daisy.