Celebrate Great Teachers with Beautiful Teacher’s Day Gifts of Plants

The teacher’s day celebration is always special. This special day is celebrated annually and it coincides with the birthday of the 2nd president of India called Dr. Servapalli Radhakrishnan.

So on this day, teachers all over the world celebrate it and also the students also celebrate along with them and pay homage to their great and undeniable services towards millions of lives as well as towards the society.

You can gift your teachers a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a pot of his favorite plant. And the best thing about plants is that they not only help in the decoration of any provided space but they are also used to detoxify or purify the space like home or an office.

There are many research studies out there that suggest that plants help to improve mood and also plants are helpful in improving memory and reducing stress levels.

Therefore it is suggested to go for plants and flowers to your teachers on this coming teacher’s day and if you are confused that what you should give them then no need to worry.

In this blog, I will tell you about some of the amazing plants that you can actually give to your teachers and make them feel special.



Yes, orchids are on the top of our list and there is a reason for that. These beautiful and radiant flowers are very easy to take care of. Your teachers are quite busy not only in school or college but also in their personal life.

So by gifting them orchids you are not only giving them beautiful items for decoration but also they will invest less time and energy on taking care of the plant.

The flowers of orchids are quite long-lasting like almost for three or four months and even more. If the plant is given water once in a week and placed under sunlight then the flowers appear almost every year.

Another benefit of giving orchids is it comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes so you can customize the color of the flower according to the personality of your teacher.


Red Aglaonema

Although the name of this plant sounds a bit difficult but trust me this is one of the friendliest and low-maintenance plants out there.

This plant can tolerate everything even if you forget to water it for weeks you will never see the plant wilting or change in its color.

This amazing plant has cheery leaves that stay like that all year long and therefore it also adds the much-needed freshness and color to the classroom.

There are many other varieties out there in the market so you choose the one which is either your teacher’s favorite or goes well with his personality.


Desert Cacti

This is one of the most radiant and colorful cacti that is available out there. This cactus has a wide range of jewel-like shades that shines.

This cactus like all the others have spines on its body but in this case, the spines are small and also soft and which is why these can easily be placed anywhere in the house even in the presence of kids.

Along with that, these desert cacti are easy to grow all you have to do is just put them under bright sunlight and also water them after every 3 weeks.



These are one of the most amazing plants that can flower every now and then throughout the year. The blooms are typically present in white, pink, red and purple shades but you can also have orange, lavender or multi-shades floral stripes.

The flowers of this plant last longer they can last much longer than the cut flower bouquets. Even if they don’t have flowers their waxy and shiny leaves give them the beautiful and attractive look. This is one of the most efficient detoxifying and also air-purifying plants.



This is beautiful and easy to take care of flower and the flowers of peace lilies are just similar to the anthriums but the colors of the peace lily flower is found in only pure white.

It has dark green and waxy leaves which make a perfect background for its fun flowers. This is one of the best plants that can extract toxins from the air therefore it is considered as an ideal plant for classrooms.

Unlike other flowers peace lilies really don’t mind when they are overwatered which makes them a great gift for students and teachers who are not so familiar with plants and who tend to over water the plant unintentionally.



This is just another flower with a number of different shades. The colors that are present are yellow and orange and you can choose any of the ones according to the personality of your teacher.

You can either give daisies to your teacher separately or you can add it with other floral arrangements in either way it will make a great teacher’s day gift.



If you want to be a little unique then you must go for carnations. These flowers are cost-efficient so that students can easily manage money to buy the gift on their own for their teachers.

These flowers also last quite long so you are not supposed to worry about their wilting or the dropping of the leaves or petals on your teacher’s cabin after a few days.

The colors of carnation are also quite attractive and various so you can choose the one you like and surprise your teacher on his/her day.