Choosing A Beautiful Bouquet As A Housewarming Present

Giving your family and other loved ones a housewarming gift is a very lovely and must-do thing. You can give anything as a housewarming gift like home-made cookies, a basket of fresh fruits, decoration pieces or any other thing which you think is a suitable gift.

But do you want to give something that not only brightens up the living space but also holds a sentimental value and sends out a thoughtful meaning?

Then you must consider giving a flower bouquet. These pretty flowers not only are cost-efficient but at the same time, they also give a homely feeling to the living space which makes them even more special.

But there are some things that you really need to take into consideration when giving flowers as a housewarming gift.

So in this blog, I will tell you about some of the tips and tricks that you really need to know while choosing a bouquet for the house warming gift.


Why buy a bouquet as a housewarming gift

There are so many things that you can give as a housewarming gift. You can give anything like appliances, gift cards and other items.

Flowers are especially a very nice and thoughtful gift when you haven’t decided that what you should give as a housewarming party.

These pretty blooms will improve the overall look of the living spaces if you will spend a few moments in choosing the color and type of flower.

Below are some of the things when choosing flowers for the bouquet


Always go for light colors when you don’t have any idea about the interior design

This is one of the most important thing to keep in mind because light colors go very well with any interior design.

If you haven’t visited the house before and you are absolutely clueless about the color of the painting and furniture then choosing a light color is safe thing to do.

The good thing about light colors is that they complement every house paint color from pale to bright.


Choose flowers that will last longer

Most of the flowers will start to wilt the moment they are picked from the garden and then they will die eventually.

But there are flowers out there whose shelf life is much longer than others. So while choosing your flowers for housewarming bouquet also keep this in mind.


Choose Vase

When buying flowers for housewarming try to put them together in a vase and then send them over because it will look fancy.

The color, size and shape of the vase are very important to note and also keep in mind that the flowers that you choose must compliment the vase.


Go for hassle free flowers

You must know that when a person moves to his/her house for the very first time then their plate is already full. They have so many things to do like unpacking, cleanliness, decoration and all.

So you must try not to give flowers that are messy which instead of helping them to enhance their living space create extra work load.

So always go for flowers that don’t need too much care and are easy to deal with. This way the host will thank you for the thoughtfulness and great gesture.


Choose flowers with fragrance

Choosing fragrant flowers is one of the best things to do while choosing flowers for housewarming present.

These scented flowers will instantly fill the house with their magical smell which is otherwise filled with the smell of paints.

But make sure to confirm that the owner loves strong scented flowers because some people are allergic to strong fragrance. You can ask the owner of the house that what kind of flowers they prefer and then decide accordingly.

But if you don’t know about their preferences then in that case always go for light scented flowers in that case you will save yourself from any kind of embarrassment.


Flowers that are used in housewarming bouquets

You should know that not all the flowers are suitable for housewarming bouquet so to make things easier for you below are some of the flowers that will make the perfect housewarming bouquet:


Roses are used to representing various signs but some of the prominent symbols of roses is friendship, love and also passion.

These meanings may seem a little bit inappropriate for housewarming bouquets but you can still go for roses because they are beautiful and also they complement any interior designs.

Another good thing about choosing roses for a housewarming bouquet is that they have a very mild smells that unlike other flowers will not go to the nerves of most people.



If you are in search of an amazing housewarming gift then I will suggest considering orchids in your bouquet because they make the best housewarming present.

These are classic flowers and they are so gentle that you can combine them with any interior decoration and they will instantly give elegance to any living space.

You can either go for bouquets that have orchids as complimentary flowers or the ones in which these pretty blooms are the main flowers.

If you go to the host’s house with orchids as the housewarming gift then you will instantly steal the show and impress the host with your choice.


Green fillers bouquet

These green fillers enhance the beauty of just any bouquet which means that the housewarming bouquets are absolutely no exception.

These green fillers have the ability to make the house look clean and fresh and also healthy. In addition to that, they also create an aura of a fresh and positive environment.

Regardless of the overall design and décor these greeneries will definitely help to improve the mood.