Cupped Hands Holding Spring Violet Flowers in Heart Shape  

The endearing image of a woman cupping her hands to accommodate spring violet flowers in a heart shape is not easy to copy. You will need the help of someone else to help you achieve this IG-worthy snapshot. Spring violet flowers are commonly found in the U.S. and are a state flower in some places including New Jersey. Americans can make a flower arrangement using spring flowers from their yard.

There are approximately 500 to 600 species of the Viola genus where violets come from. True violets include sweet violets and common blue violets. If you want to plant violets in your garden to recreate this iconic photo, you will need to obtain cuttings as violets are difficult to grow with seeds.

Do not limit yourself to true violet flowers to recreate the cupped hands’ photo. There are plenty of other purple-coloured flowers in different shades that you can utilize. You may photograph plenty of small purple flowers or a large flower-like the Vanda Joaquim orchid which is more common in Singapore than spring violet flowers.


What to Violet-Colored Flowers Mean?

If you are attracted to purple flowers, you may also be interested in its meaning. If you give a hand bouquet of flowers to a friend, a family member, or a special someone, you should know its symbolism based on its colour. Purple flowers signify royalty, success, and pride.

Giving purple flowers from a local florist in Singapore conveys the message that you have fallen in love at first sight. It can also represent the air of mystery the woman upholds. You may be deeply magnetized by their charm and find the person enchanting.

Purple roses are rare rose colours but the best florist Singapore can surely help you find one for the perfect arrangement. As purple flowers are crossbred and rare, it can signify how rare this woman is in your life. Purple flowers can also represent sexual tension. Given to friends, purple flowers are perfect gifts to artistic people. Purple flowers can also be mixed with other colours of flowers to create a beautiful arrangement.


Different Purple Flowers to Choose From

Now that you know what purple flowers convey, it is nice to know your options when you want to give purple-coloured flowers to someone special. These come in a variety of shades from light to deep violet hues.

Lavender or Lavandula flowers are very fragrant, light-coloured flowers optimal for stress relief. One of the most popular varieties of Lavandula is the Hidcote Superior. Lavender can also be added to soy candles, potpourri or even with a hamper delivery to help your loved one overcome stress from work.

Bellflower or campanula flowers are perfect for the cupping hands’ photo too. These cup-shaped flowers come in various hues ranging from white to lavender. Bellflowers are most beautiful when planted surrounding a rock garden.

Dwarf Iris or iris reticulata flowers are petite and slender lovelies featuring dark and rich petals. These thrive best when planted in full sun and often shop in early spring.

Catmint or Nepeta flowers are lovely in a bridal bouquet. These are easy to grow and have long-lasting blooms. Catmint flowers are at their best in summer. Do note that hybrid catmint flowers will not seed. Like spring violet flowers, cuttings are best used if you want to plant these in your garden.

Anemone or anemone nemorosa flowers come in a lovely shade of bluish-purple. Different varieties bloom from springtime to fall. This type of purple-coloured flowers thrives best in rock gardens. Anemones tend to grow slowly from the onset but spread fast once the flowers start to bloom.

Bee orchid or ophyrs apifera flowers resemble a bee pollinating flowers. These orchids do attract male bees to help with pollinations. If you are looking for purple-coloured flowers you can plant indoors, this type of flowers works great when planted in a pot inside your home.

Bell Heather or Erica cinerea flowers have bell-shaped purple blooms with a dry appearance. You can grow this flower in your garden where it can get full sun, but be sure to stick to a regular watering schedule. The deep roots also require mulching.

China Aster or callistephus chinensis flowers resemble chrysanthemums but without the negative meaning of those flowers. Take note that in Chinese culture, chrysanthemums are related to death. China aster flowers, on the other hand, are bright, showy flowers that represent love and wisdom. In Greek mythology, aster flowers were created from the tears of the Greek goddess Astrea.

Calla lily or zantedeschia flowers are highly popular flowers you can buy from an online florist. There are many arrangements using calla lilies as these grow well whether in outdoor or indoor settings. Purple calla lilies denote passion while pink calla lilies convey admiration. Do note that white calla lily flowers are preferred for funerals.

Coneflower or Echinacea purpurea are popular perennials that make beautiful cut-flower arrangements. These look like daisies and can attract singing birds. Keep in mind that coneflowers planted in the garden can sometimes become faded. It is crucial to cut these faded blooms to extend their blooming season.

Candytuft or iberis pruitii flowers are beautiful and expensive European flowers. Lilac-coloured candytuft flowers are not so common but the short blooming perennial makes for a great addition to a bouquet or a cupped hand photo.

Gladiolus or gladiolus hortulanus flowers are one of the more common flowers you can order for the express flower delivery. Cut gladiolus flowers in an arrangement represent passion and infatuation.

Perennial Geranium or simply geranium flowers are bluish-purple flowers that look lovely in a floral arrangement with spring flowers like daffodils and hyacinth flowers.

Hydrangea or hydrangea macrophylla are popular with gardeners and also make exquisite IG posts. There are different varieties of hydrangeas ranging from blue-coloured to purple-coloured ones. Purple hydrangeas symbolize wealth, abundance, and a desire to know and understand someone deeper.


Wrap Up

These are some of the common purple flowers you can order from your local florist. These flowers are romantic flowers that can be used in lieu of red or pink flowers. If you want to give purple flowers to a special someone, you can purchase from a reliable online florist Singapore provider.