How to Design a Bouquets For A Beach Wedding?

Having a beach wedding is a fantasy of every girl. Surrounded by close friends and family and exchanging vows in the open on the beach is something that sounds too dreamy.

Another thing that makes beach weddings even more dreamy and special is the bridal bouquets. These bouquets must be designed in such a way that compliments not only the bridal dress but also the venue.

So in this blog, we will tell you about some of the unique beach wedding bridal bouquet ideas that will help you to make an impression if you are also planning to have your wedding somewhere on the beach.

So what are you waiting for let’s just get started!!


Seashell and Starfish

Ok let’s just say that when you hear the term beach wedding bridal bouquets the very first thing that comes in your mind is starfish and seashells. What if I tell you that you can make your bridal bouquet with the help of all these seaside things?

Yes you heard me right!! You can actually make a gorgeous custom made bouquet that will match your theme, style as well as personality.

The seashell and starfish bridal bouquets are not only unique and also memorable but the best thing is that you can actually pack these items in your suitcase and can keep with you forever.

Beach wedding bouquets made up of fresh flowers, seashells and starfish

You are having a beach wedding and you love the idea of a bridal bouquet made up of seashells and starfish but also want to have a touch of flowers? Then let me tell you that it is very easy to make such a bouquet.

All you need to do is just take your most favorite flowers and then add few beach accents by pasting some of the seashells and starfishes to a long rod and once you are done gluing them together just insert the entire thing in between all the stems.

And that’s about it!!!

If you are concerned about the wire showing up then let me tell you that this wire will be hidden and all that is visible is the starfish and seashells floating just on top of the floral. You can also attach a tiny seashell or starfish to the lower part of the stem of the bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquet made up of orchids

Orchids are the type of flowers that are quite high in demand when it comes to bridal bouquets because these are striking and just amazingly beautiful flowers.

The best thing about these flowers is that they come in a variety of different colors and also types in order to match with any budget high or low.

Orchids are native flowers of some of the top beach wedding venues like Costa Rica, so the good news is that if you are planning to get married in Costa Rica then you will also be able to find different types of this breathtakingly beautiful flower.

In order to have an extra touch, you can also mix this flower with other tropical flower colors.


Pink-colored bridal bouquets

Pink bouquets are one of the highest in demand bouquets due to the fact that pink is a soft, pretty and also feminine color.

Another reason why you should choose pink color for your bridal bouquet is that it goes pretty well with beach weddings and by holding this bouquet you will definitely steal the show.


Beach bridal bouquets made up of calla lilies

These flowers are dramatic, elegant and also simple and that is why these are a perfect choice for beach bridal bouquets. It comes in different colors and white is one of the most famous colors of calla lilies.

They also have thick, long, and green stems along with large flowers and that is why they stand out and perfect for beach weddings bridal bouquets.

Another reason why you should make your beach bridal bouquet with calla lilies is that they have very strong flowers and that is why they can easily tolerate the heat.

These flowers are so timeless and elegant that they look great with both modern beach ceremony or with a more formal type of beach wedding. To add a pop of color you can also add a ribbon in order to match the bouquet with your color palette.

Calla lilies are also perfect for those brides who cannot find flowers that perfectly match the dresses of the bridesmaid.


Orange and yellow flower bouquets

Most of the beach weddings are a day time event and for day time weddings bright colors are preferable. So if your wedding dress is white and you are having a day time wedding then in order to shine you must have this yellow and orange-colored flower bouquet.


Tropical beach bridal bouquet

If you really want to capture the theme of the beach along with having fun and making a statement then you must choose these tropical and bright bridal bouquets.

Just blend in various types and colors of flowers and make a stunning looking bridal bouquet.  Fuchsia and pink flowers are always suggested for beach weddings due to their fun colors which really look great with the neutral shades of ocean and sand.

If you are planning to have a sunset wedding ceremony then try to blend different colors of flowers like yellow, orange, pink and fuchsia.

Beach weddings are very fun as compared to other venues you can make these wedding ceremonies even more fun and colorful by creating beautiful bridal bouquets with the ideas given above.