Essential Tips for Wedding Centerpieces

Choosing table centerpieces for the wedding can be challenging as finding a design for the wedding dress. However, table centerpieces are as important as wedding bouquets and wedding flowers, thus choosing a design is crucial. According to professional wedding florists, it pays to give it some thoughts and careful planning to maximize the flowers and save on costs. Selecting the perfect option makes the event more memorable and meaningful. For your wedding table centerpieces, learn these essential tips from the florist:

·        Talk to the Wedding Florist

The best person to rely on when it comes to budget-saving, complementing the design of table centerpieces is the wedding florist. If you hired one, make sure that you discuss this matter carefully in meetings. It is also beneficial to talk to the florist before making any decisions. It is easier for the wedding florist to see the event in a bigger picture because of her experience and expertise, thus she can tell which design is best for your table centerpieces. In case you want to go unique or you prefer an out-of-the-box design, your florist can easily create one for you based on your chosen colors and theme.

·        Forget the Trend

It is expected that most brides want their wedding table centerpieces as unique as possible. But according to the florists, it is best to stick to a style or design you are most comfortable with. Instead of following the trends you see in magazines and online blogs, consider your own unique style. Fortunately, your wedding florist can craft unique designs based on these, giving you the perfect table centerpiece on your big day.

·        Consider the Wedding Theme

The wedding theme has a lot to do with the choices of flowers and style of floral arrangement. In selecting wedding centerpieces, take advantage of and use the wedding theme as the basis for the design. Whether it is romantic, classic, rustic, elegant, whimsical, or magical, the design of the table centerpieces is in-tuned with the wedding as a whole. You may want to look at the colors and style to help you envision the look you want.

·        Consider the Season

The season has a great impact on the choice of flowers to use for the centerpieces for the wedding table. Seasonal flowers are in full bloom at their peak season. If you want to select flowers with bright, vibrant colors and delicate, pleasing scent, always go for the seasonal blooms. In addition, seasonal flowers are more affordable, too.  In case you don’t know which ones are available in your region, you can always ask the florist for the most recommended types of flowers suitable for your wedding centerpieces.

·        Know What Suits the Table

It is important to take note that not all designs of table centerpieces suit all types of tables. If you see a design used for a round table, it does not mean that the same design will complement a rectangular or square table. If you are choosing a design for the wedding centerpiece, think about the table shape and what flower arrangements will work best on it. The flowers for table centerpieces range in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, structures, and textures. It is important to pick the one that perfectly suits and matches the wedding theme.

·        Decide on the Height of the Centerpiece

The height of the centerpiece matters in creating a design. Whether you want it taller or shorter, or you want it petite or bulky, make sure that it complements the table and emphasizes the event. If you are going for some height, choose one that is show-stopper r eye-catching but not too high that it covers the persons sitting on the reception table. If you are going for the shorter floral centerpieces, consider the pretty blooms that feature attractive details and colors. According to the florists, the height of the centerpiece should be in the eye liner around 30 cm to 40 cm high. You don’t want it to obstruct the guests while conversing or seeing each other.

·        Decide on the Colors

The colors of the flowers are important in choosing a design of centerpieces for the wedding table. Although white is the most common color in weddings, it is stylish and fabulous to add a splash of colors in the floral arrangement. Fortunately, white flowers can easily coincide with other colors, giving accents and compliments to the reception table. However, the color of the flowers depends largely on the wedding theme or wedding style. It means that in deciding the colors of flowers for the table centerpieces, take into consideration the theme of the wedding and the style of the floral arrangements.

·        Decide on the Type of Flowers

The type of flowers matters in selecting wedding flowers for table centerpieces. It depends on the chosen wedding theme and style. If you want a romantic wedding, you can go for romantic flowers not only on the wedding bouquets but also on the table centerpieces. Moreover, there are other types of flowers to find at the florist’s shop, such as classic or traditional, rustic or vintage, rare and unique, and exotic flowers. Don’t hesitate to ask for the expert’s assistance in choosing flowers for wedding centerpieces, especially if you opt to DIY the arrangements.

Wedding centerpieces play an important role at the reception and in the entire event, thus it is necessary to make the right choice. It would be a wonderful thing if your table decorations compliment the wedding dress you wear and the bouquet you carry.