Etiquette Rules Regarding Buying Flowers

Purchasing and giving flowers to other people is all fun and touching. However, like every other form of human interaction, it also requires some manners and etiquettes to be strictly followed for good human contact and successful conveying of the message you meant with those flowers. These etiquettes vary from culture to culture, these are different in each country, culture, and groups or communities of people. But some rules are always a must in the whole procedure of buying flowers and conveying them. Some of them are discussed in this article. Give it a read to have a successful human contact and flower dealing:


Etiquettes of purchasing flower:

  1. Have a good knowledge of the flower market:

No matter how selfish it sounds, having a market knowledge is no less than mannerism and etiquette. If you have a good knowledge of the market, only then you are going to conduct a good conversation with the seller. If not, you are going to the seller and after hearing the price, you are going to argue if it sounds more than your expectations. All these arguments will lead to nothing but an endless conversation that is far from knowledge and usually helps no one. Having good market knowledge will make your arguments sound more authentic and the seller will get the impression that you are a knowledgeable person. So, the conversation will end beautifully and with benefits to both sides.


  1. Argue with respect:

If you ever had a selling experience, you know that a nice and polite customer was always your favorite. This goes for you as a customer as well. Behave nicely with the salesman who is selling you flowers. Talk politely while maintaining a friendly smile. Present good arguments that have volume in them instead of talking in the air. But, one thing you should always know that never let any sharp salesman deceive you because of your humble nature. Make arguments soft yet voluminous and strong.


  1. Behave well with other staff:

A flower shop is a beautiful place that is filled the people who are planning to do something beautiful for their loved ones. People present there are in the purest form of them. Try to be kind to everyone in the store. Never talk high with any of the other customers or staff members. Follow the general instructions that are asked to be followed and behave politely. If you are stuck in a very long queue, have some patience and follow the rules of a queue and let the person, in front of you, have his order before because he is standing there for a time longer than you have been there.


Pay at the time of purchase:

Keep money or credit card with you and clear all of the expenditures on the go. It would be a kind step for those who are working on daily wages. Also, if you don’t have money at the moment, tell the administration with a proper explanation rather than lame excuses. Never step out of the store without paying for the flowers you are giving.


Etiquettes of buying anyone flowers:

Once you are done with purchasing flowers and all that, it is the time when you take these flowers and give it to the special person for whom you have purchased them. For this purpose, there are also etiquettes that should be followed. Some of them are described below:


  1. What is the flower saying:

Flowers have different meanings. You can’t give red roses to your best friend. Also, this too doesn’t make sense if you give your Valentine yellow flowers. Each and every flower has a different meaning to it. A red rose is a symbol of ultimate love and romantic feelings for the person you are giving it to. It is mostly conveyed when you are in a relationship or you are going to propose her for a relationship.


The yellow flower symbolizes friendship and casual relationships with the other person. These are mostly given to longtime friends or if you want to make anyone your friend. Similarly, the pink flower is for the expression of gratitude and joy given on any casual occasion of love mostly other than romantic love while the white flower symbolizes the expression of innocence and purity of the next person, mostly given to the pure and innocent bride. You have to make sure what is the meaning of the flowers you bought. Make sure that these flowers are suitable and appropriate.


  1. What is your relationship to the next person?

After purchasing flowers for the actual purpose, you want to covey, it is the time to reconsider some points. Who is the next person? What is your relationship with the person? How old is that relationship? What could be the possible reaction of the next person? For example, red flowers can only be conveyed to your romantic partner, you can’t hit up your office colleague with the red flowers or can’t carry them to your boss’s dinner party.


Similarly, yellow flowers are conveyed as a causal relationship or friendship and can’t make your date night any more attractive. Also, consider that you and the next person are close enough. If you send flowers and love notes to your crush that you just met yesterday, things are not going to work and she will not only get awkward but also there is a chance that she will avoid you from the next time. So, you always have to make sure that you are giving flowers to the right person at the right time!


Attach notes:

Adding little notes to the flowers is not only an adorable act but also an expression that you are a good and clear person. Write the exact message you want to convey. The text can vary differently according to your relationship with the next person. Make it cute and quirky for the person you are open with a while for formal purposes, it should be clear and neutral.