Father’s Day Baskets You Will Want to Make  

Father’s Day is a once in a year event that the whole world celebrates to commemorate the efforts and sacrifices of all the amazing fathers we have. This is a very special occasion that we must prioritize and give attention to. our fathers have sacrificed a lot of things throughout their lifetime in order to keep us fed and warm. it is only right to give them a little bit of surprise to make them feel loved and happy in this special event. there are literally hundreds of different ideas you can choose from to make this day extra special. one great idea is to give your father a gift basket.

which gift basket you may ask? this is the topic for today’s article. gift baskets are amazing gift ideas because they contain lots of goodies and small items that would all depend on your father’s taste or hobbies. if there is someone who knows your father really well, it would definitely be each and every family member. through the years, you should have known what items or things your father fancies into. here is a sample list of great Father’s Day gift baskets you can consider:


  1. Liquor gift basket

when your father comes home from a very busy day at work, he would most of the time go to the pantry and grab a glass of drink. may it be Scotch, whiskey, or a cold bottle of beer, this is really a very tiny breather after the long day he has spent at work. if your father loves alcohol, a liquor gift basket will definitely make him happy. just grab a huge wooden basket and fill it up with his favorite liquors. there are small versions of liquors available in every liquor store. you can also choose that if you want to give a smaller gift basket. tie a ribbon around it and you are already good to go.

  1. Grooming gift basket

Because of their hectic work schedule, some fathers already forget to keep themselves well-groomed and pampered. if you think your father needs some grooming help, a grooming gift basket will definitely be a great choice. you can add electric Clippers, hair scissors, shaving cream, a good razor, and maybe a gift check to his favorite Barbershop. all of these necessities will definitely help your father look best on his special day. You can also add a few items like soft towels, perfume, and bath gels to complete the basket.

  1. Coffee gift basket

coffee has always been a friend of many people especially during a very stressful day at work. fathers are not usually exempted from this. to keep them alive and well throughout the day, they usually feed on coffee that is proven to boost alertness, memory, and relaxation. you can include a bag of his favorite beans or coffee grinds, or maybe even a beautiful French press that he can use to create his coffee concoctions every day. to make it more customized, you can also add in a personalized mug with his name on it or maybe a tagline that says, “best father in the world”!

  1. Sports gift basket

aside from work and family, fathers are usually inclined to many sports or hobbies to keep them accompanied during their free times and on weekends. that is why it is important to know what their hobbies or favorite sports are to make this gift basket worthwhile. if he is into basketball, you can create a gift basket that contains a new basketball, a fresh set of jersey, or even tickets to the local live games. all of this will really make your gift basket a special one. if he is into golf, you can give him a set of new golf balls or maybe throw in a few accessories like sunglasses, visors, or even shoes that he can definitely use in his next games.

  1. Food gift basket

who does not like food right? especially fathers because they are oftentimes the busiest persons in the kitchen. On their special day, it would definitely be a great idea to give them a basket filled with their favorite food and recipe items. if they are into chocolates, it would be easy for you to get a gift basket filled with their favorite brands of chocolates. if they are into cooking, you can give them a gift basket filled with different bottles of spices to use on their next recipes. If they are into candies, a gift box filled with sweets of all sorts will definitely make his special day sweeter and more memorable!

  1. Gadget gift basket

If your father is into gadgets or tech stuff, A gadget gift basket will definitely be a great choice and will really wow him on his special day. fathers are usually very techie, and they love their television. throw in a few DVD’s of their favorite movies or series, or maybe even give him a new phone. all of this will really make a techie dad happy. Just like every other basket mentioned above, you can literally create this on your own with the help of your siblings or your family. if you are very busy and you cannot do this by yourself, you can always ask your local gift shop to create one for you. of course, this would be more expensive because the gift shop would have to purchase all of the items for you.


That is it! thinking of various different gift baskets for your father will definitely be a hectic job. that is why it is important to narrow down all of your choices by deciding which gift basket will fit your father the most and what will make him really happy. you must always think of what things or objects will he use most of the time and what will your gift basket be to him when he receives it.  At first, this might be very hard but once you really know what your father loves, it will be just a piece of cake.