Favorite Colors For Floral Bouquets This Summer

We all get pretty excited when Summer hits on as it is all about light and bright colors and beautiful flowers. We all think about flowers and their cool colors and how they will be influencing our fashion and big events. Summer colors are always cool and have such beautiful vibes that you cannot resist on any of them. These colors are soft and relaxing, and they really channel up the wellbeing and mindfulness.

The summer season is about many festivals and lovely events. There can be your big event of wedding or engagement. You need to get flowers for decorating the event venue and also giving them to your guests. As a bride, you will be needing a bouquet for yourself and also for your bridesmaids. You can get a bouquet of lovely colors flowers for the birthday of your loved one or your close friends.

Here we will be discussing some of the amazing and favorite colors for floral bouquets for your summer season parties and events. We will talk about the colors and the flowers that come in that particular color as well.


Pink (Rose Quartz)


Peonies are lush flowers blooming in the Summer season. They start to grow after the winters are over as they do their best in the full sun and also in the well-draining soil. They are known for their long-lasting, but they generally require very little maintenance. These are the best flowers for summer season gifts as well as for the events.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are the most cherished flowers in today’s time and are used in all the festivals and celebrations throughout the world. Cherry trees grow faster, and they produce some of the most beautiful color flowers that can be used in the bouquets for giving as gifts to your loved ones.


Camellia is also a beautiful flower from the Pink flowers family. They bloom in Spring and Summer. They grow best in the shade and need regular watering. These are some lovely and charming flowers for sending as a gift in a bouquet with some other flowers for spicing it up.


Peach (Peach Echo)

Garden Rose

There are two types of garden roses, old garden roses, and modern garden roses. Modern Garden roses bloom and come in variant colors and have a large size, and they also carry long vase life, but they are not much good in terms of fragrance. The old Garden blooms typically bloom in the Summer season, while modern ones bloom in the whole year.

Pink Tulip

Tulips bloom in the Summer season, and they come in a variety of colors, but the pink tulips are one of the most amazing colors. They come in almost every color, though, from red to pink to purple, and they all last longer. They work best in full sun, and they need at least six hours of sunlight every day. Tulips are the best flowers for sending a


Daylilies are native to Asia, but they are also found in different other regions of the world. They come in almost every color of the rainbow and are also available in various lovely shapes. They grow best in full sun, and they bloom from late spring to early or mid-summer.


Soft Blue (Serenity)

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are associated with pink color, and they have an alluring fragrance. They also come in purple, blue, and purple shades. Sweet peas bloom mostly in the spring season and go till summer and fall. It all depends on the climate and weather conditions. They grow in a partially shady area with moist and well-draining soil. They are long lasting and are relatively hardy plants.


Bluestar is also known as Amsonia and has a powder blue color with star-shaped flowers. They are perfect flowers to add up in a bouquet for a beautiful touch. They are summer flowers who do their best when the sun is full. They are long lasting and do not need much maintenance.


Muscari is purple flowers that are great for your festivals and big events. The bright and charming blue color makes them lovely and amazing. They also come in some other summer colors like yellow, pink, and white as well. You can make them an addition to the floral bouquet you want to send your loved ones. These flowers bloom in Spring and work best in the presence of the full sun.


Red (Fiesta)

Butterfly Pentas

Butterfly pentas are rich in colors and shades. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They are star-shaped flowers. They do best in the areas of a warm climate, and they bloom from spring to fall. They are the best flowers to use as décor in big events.


Amaryllis are popular for giving around in the holidays, and they can bloom indoors as well. They are long-lasting, and they bloom in spring and summer. They come in a lot of colors and in lovely shapes with a lovely fragrance. They also work best when the sun is at its peak, as well as in partial shades.


Beardtongue comes in more than 200 species, which is native in Asia and North America. They are summer flowers as well, and they continuously bloom till the end of summer. They also do best when planted in full sun and well-drained soil. This is the best flower to add to the bouquet for gifting someone special.


Last Words

The summer season is full of lovely memories and amazingly rich colors. There are plenty of lovely colors of flowers that can make your summer days special and lovely. These above mentioned colors are specifically for the summer season, and we also have listed the flowers that can come in all of these colors. You can choose flowers from any single of them specifically or can spice up your bouquet or floral basket with more than one types of flowers of different colors.