What are the Duties of a Florist?

A professional florist typically has the expertise in creating innovative floral bouquets and flower arrangements. But if you want to make the florist business grow and become productive, you may need to perform a wide variety of responsibilities. Whether you work with a team or you do the business alone, it is paramount to know and understand what a florist does. Read on and learn the duties of a florist:


·        Receive Shipment

One of the main florist duties and responsibilities is to receive the shipment from the supplier. It is important that the florist knows how many flowers are purchased, and how much is the cost of the purchases. There should be a checklist of the ordered products and supplies from the suppliers to easily counter-check the shipments upon receiving. Moreover, the florist should also take responsibility for updating delivery status and inventory.


·        Enhance Flower Life Span

Part of the florist duties is to enhance the life span of the flowers by topping them with a balanced water and flower preservative solution. Flowers at the florist’s shop may tend to stay for a period of time, which is why it is important to keep them long-lasting, fresher, and in the best condition every day.  Aside from the flower food packet, there are other types of flower preservatives that the florist can create to enhance the flowers’ life span before the arrangement and delivery to the recipient.


·        Arrange Bouquets and Arrangements

What are florists if they do not arrange flowers into bouquets and arrangements? Although some of them handle other duties and responsibilities in a florist industry, most of the florists, however, handle the arrangement of flowers. They may have specific specialization and style, but the main thing is to come up with unique and stunning arrangements. The style may depend on occasions and celebrations or on the customer’s preference.


·        Accept and Confirm Orders from Customers

Whether by phone, email, messages, or personal conversation, it is the florist’s duty to manage and handle all orders and purchases. From the type of flowers and fillers to the design, accessories, and delivery, the florist gathers the necessary details when accepting orders. It also includes the delivery details, as well as the date, time, and exact address of the recipient. In case the customer wants to add special delivery instructions, the florist should get the exact details of it.


·        Replenish Inventory and Supplies

As supplies and inventory run low, part of the florist’s duties is to replenish them before the peak day. Most of the supplies of flowers and foliage come on Mondays and Tuesdays. But during peak season, inventory items are needed in bulk. The florist ensures that the supplies are complete when they are needed. This includes potted plants, dish gardens, hanging plants, and silk flowers.


·        Performs Administrative Duties

A florist performs the administrative tasks and clerical responsibilities as well. The task includes keeping sales records, expense records, financial and cash flow records, and other important papers necessary to keep the business at smooth flow. In addition, the florist is expected to answer telephone inquiries, serve customers, and upscale sales.


·        Decorate the Shop

Part of the florist’s duties is to decorate the shop with unique, impressive, and eye-catching flower bouquets, wreaths, or terrariums. More customers will be attracted to visit the shop and make purchases as they see beautiful designs of flowers. When customers come in, they will be able to get ideas, too, from the floral display. Some florists also take advantage of the interior display to showcase signature designs of floral arrangements and a collection of stylish floral vases.  By creating a beautiful shop, whether you maintain a physical flower shop or you are operating online, you invite frequent customers and new ones to come back again and again.


·        Clean the Shop

There is great importance to proper sanitation inside the flower shop, and the florist should be aware of it. It is important to have a clean shop not only to create a working environment but also to keep customers satisfied. Disinfection is also necessary to remove a viral infection from spreading and to prevent germs and bacteria from breeding somewhere in the shop. The philosophy of ‘clean as you go’ is a good attitude that is worth applying at the flower shop.


·        Promote the Shop

It is also the duty of a florist to promote the shop. Although fresh flowers in gorgeous bouquets and glamorous arrangements remain the perfect gift on special occasions and celebrations, people become more motivated to order flowers when they see result-generating marketing advertisements. Also, by promoting the flower shop, the business becomes more productive as new customers enter in and explore the collections. Meanwhile, there are several ways and techniques to market the floristry business. You can ask the expert for professional digital marketing for your online flower shop.


·        Conduct Floristry Training Classes for New Florists

A senior florist will be assigned to train new florists and workers. Part of the florist’s duties is to ensure that the new workers are equipped with the right knowledge in flower handling and maintenance. When it comes to training new florists, there is no other staff fit to do the job but a senior florist.

Being a florist is more than just creating designs and styles of flower bouquets and arrangements. The florists are also assigned to do important duties and responsibilities every day to keep the business running productively.