How to Plan Flower Giveaways as Thank You Gifts?

If you are planning to send a hand bouquet as a giveaway or gift then you must also know that it is not something new but as a matter of fact, this practice can easily be traced back to the very beginning of time.

Flowers represent different meanings and emotions in every different culture. For instance, in very old Greece, flowers used to signify very important feelings it was believed that these pretty blooms are special and they belong to god.

In today’s time flowers are linked with feelings of love, care and respect towards any loved one like friends’ family or even romantic partners.

If you are given a beautiful bouquet of flowers then it surely uplifts the mood and also spirits instantly and within seconds you start to feel good.

Flower bouquets are given on different occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or just like that. These flowers are either delivered by hand or they are sent through delivery services.

There are different varieties of flowers and bouquet that are available in the market so at times it becomes quite a task to pick the perfect bouquet or flower arrangement.

Different flowers carry different meaning so they are sent on various occasions there are florists who also provide the facility of floral delivery in order to make the job easier and fun.

There are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while sending flowers as gifts and giveaways and some of them are mentioned below in order to make the job easy for you.

So what are you waiting for just keep reading!!

Keep in mind the receiver’s choice

Before you send flowers as a giveaway as a thank you gift the very first thing that you really need to keep in mind is the likes or dislikes of the person you want to send the flowers.

You need to ask yourself a few questions that what would they prefer a floral arrangement or a bouquet? What kind of flower do they like the most? Do they like plants that can easily be replanted in the garden later or some indoor plants?

After figuring out these easy questions you should be clear about the choice of the person you are sending flowers to.

But even if you are not clear then don’t worry there are florist you will help you to figure out and will help you to send the perfect flowers.

Try to find out the meaning of the flowers before sending

As I said earlier no two flowers have the same meaning. Every flower signifies a different meaning based on their type and color.

So you really need to have a grip on their meaning. Even if you don’t know the meaning then it is perfectly fine. You can just Google it and you will have all the possible meanings of the said flower.

Also while sending keep in mind the sentiment, values and culture of the recipient. You can also ask the florist to make you understand the meaning behind the flower that you are going for and he/she will definitely love to help you out.

Additional in every culture there is a different trend of giving or sending flowers as thank you or gratitude gift. For instance, in Sweden or Poland they believe that flowers must be given to your loved ones in odd numbers.

In other cultures or countries, some of the flowers are only sent on the occasion of a death in order to show support and love to the aggrieved family.

Like Norwegians or Dutch people only hold white roses as a taboo so it is not a good idea to send white flowers or roses to these people.  Therefore you must also take that into consideration.

Don’t just give one type of flower
This is an important thing to remember while sending flowers as giveaways to your loved ones if you want to make a good impression.

Never send just one type of flower but try to be a little creative, invest some time and energy and mix or combine different colors and types of flowers in order to create a bouquet.

It is best to send mix different flowers and colors because they are the best way of saying thank you than just the monotonous flowers.

Also, there are a lot of choices so you will not be out of ideas. Once you are done with creating the bouquet then you can ask the florists to deliver them on your behalf.

Write a handwritten note

Once you finalize the flowers and the bouquet is ready the next thing is to buy a card and write something on it. Just tell the person that how grateful you are to have them in your life and how thankful you are for their support love and care.

Trust me if you do this then you will instantly win the heart of the receiver and your bouquet of flower will be much more worthy and meaningful.

Give a follow-up call

Once the flowers are delivered then don’t just be quite rather just call the receiver and ask him/her that whether or not they receive the flowers.

This way you will make the impression that you didn’t just send the flowers and forget about them but you were honest in your attempt of saying thank you and this way your thank you will be even more special.