Celebrate the Grad with a Graduation Plant Gifts

Celebrate the Grad with a Graduation Plant Gifts

Sending a gift of plants on graduation? Look no further. At Little Flower Hut, we have huge collections of live plants, flowering plants, and ornamental plants for gifting purposes. Plant gifts are one of the best gifts that you can send to the celebrant on graduation day, and our team of florists is always ready to serve you. Here are some of the best graduation plants from our flower shop in Singapore.

·        Juniper Bonsai

Juniper bonsai is an ideal gift for the graduation plant. The best place to find this plant is here at Little Flower Hut. It looks perfect on top of the center table at home or in the office. The gift of Juniper bonsai will make the celebration more wonderful, especially for someone who loves indoor plants.

·        Peace Lily

Peace Lily is another option for plant delivery on graduation day. This type of indoor plant is an easy-to-maintain plant, requiring a small amount of water every day. Light is important for its growth, but indirect or filtered kind of light only. When you choose to send Peace Lily, our florists are here to help you pick an option for the delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our florists for affordable deals on your gift delivery.

·        Roses

Little Flower Hut offers a wide variety of Roses for plant gifts on graduation. A potted plant of Rose makes a lovely gift to the graduate. She will surely treasure the gift and the memory for a long while. If you are thinking of sending Rose plants as a graduation gift to a loved one, you can be sure that the plant is in the best condition. We have Roses in different colors and varieties at the flower shop. Send her the Rose plant in a color that she likes most.

·        Azalea

Azalea plants are a great choice if you want to send the graduate a plant gift delivery at the graduation celebration. At Little Flower Hut, we have beautiful selections of Azalea plants and they are available in the shades of pink, purple, blush pink, white, and light pink. If you are looking for fabulous gifts for a special graduate, these plants are sure to leave lasting impressions. Call us so that we can help you arrange your orders for same-day delivery or express delivery.

·        Orchids

For a unique and outstanding graduation plant gift, Orchid plants will never let you down. You can choose from thousands of varieties available at the flower shop. We provide assistance, in case you can’t decide which variety and color of the Orchid plant are best for graduation gifts. When it comes to Orchids varieties, Little Flower Hut guarantees only the best types available in Singapore. Email us now or talk to our florists about your orders.

·        Bird’s Nest Fern

The tropical plant Bird’s Nest Fern looks inspiring as an indoor plant. You can send this plant as a gift to the graduate this year. This type of plant provides a delightful indoor space at home or in the office. When you give this plant, the recipient will definitely use it to decorate the room. Fortunately, Ferns can also make the air purified and improved. Allow us to help you with your plant gifts delivery on graduation day. Our team of riders ensures that your plant delivery will arrive on time in the best condition.

·        Hoya Hearts

Hoya Hearts plant is one of the succulent plants that makes a wonderful graduation gift. This potted plant gift comes in a heart shape. It can add beauty and value to a room or space not only because of its rare shape but also because of its natural charm. Although the Hoya Hearts plant is not always available every day at the flower shop, we assure you that we can get one from one of our local and international suppliers just in time for the delivery. Place your order now if you want to give this plant as a graduation gift.

·        Monstera Plant

For plant lovers who are about to march the stage for graduation, a plant of Monstera can be the perfect gift This type of plant is known for its huge leaves that are patterned with holes. The giant leaves look more like Swiss cheese, which explains why the plant is called the Swiss Cheese Plant in some countries. Adding a pot of Monstera plant in the living room brings elegance and attraction. If you choose to send one as a graduation gift, you can expect that the gift will last for a long time. Message us now and place your orders ahead of time so that our florists can get the most awesome Monstera plant for your graduation gift delivery.

·        String of Pearls

The amazing cascading String of Pearls succulent plant is a nice gift on cheerful occasions like graduation. When you send this plant in a box or in succulent planters, the recipient will definitely feel delighted and special. The plant can be used for interior decoration and beautification. Ask our florists for the most gorgeous planters of the String of Pearls plant to send to your loved ones or friends as your graduation gift.

Plants are a valuable gift that you can give and send on graduation. If you want to express your greetings or inspiring message to the graduate, you will never go wrong with the gift of plants. Fortunately, Little Flower Hut is the perfect place to find these unique and stunning plants. In addition, our florists are the most reliable when it comes to handling on-time delivery. Call us now for assistance.