How to Decorate the Wedding Reception Tables?

Wedding Reception Table decor is one of the most important things you need to counter in a wedding ceremony. It is also the most challenging part as well because you need to narrow down various ideas according to your style. The right wedding reception decoration will enhance your venue and carry out the wedding theme. When you browse for the best décor of wedding reception tables, you get a long list of ideas that is hard to narrow down. We will make a comprehensive list of the best ideas you should consider in wedding reception table décor. Below are the best ideas:

1.     Make it Simple

Sometimes less can be more and simple can be elegant. When it comes to decoration the wedding reception tables, you should go with simple and fewer decorations. When it comes to the wedding reception table, guests like to mingle around. So, if there are towering arrangements on the table, it will feel overpowered proportional to space and the guests will be distracted and cautious instead of enjoying the wedding.


2.     String Lights Hanging

Hanging string lights over the wedding reception table is a very good idea. This idea is very common and almost every wedding reception has the string lights hanging above. Hanging strings lights above the reception table space will create a romantic ambiance and people will surely cherish it. You can also enhance the aesthetics of the environment by adding neon signs and tea lights behind or beside the wedding table along with the string lights. Lighting is a key to accent your reception venue and it is one of the best wedding table décor ideas.


3.     Minimalist Centerpieces

As described earlier, the wedding reception tables should not be overflowing with tower decoration and centerpieces. Simple wedding table decorations will be more elegant. For this, you can use minimalist centerpieces like candles, small and delicate vases, table runners, and minimalist floral clusters. During the planning of the décor of the wedding tables, be sure to keep in mind space and go for the centerpieces that can complement that space in the best way.


4.     Table-Topping Base

A table-topping base is very important in the appearance of the wedding reception table. If your reception table design is aesthetic and fancy, you can go for a bare tabletop and no need for any table-topping base. But if your tabletop is simple and it is not aesthetic, you can cover it with a full spread tablecloth. If you want it to be simpler, you can go with a minimal liner. It will be a good choice if you choose the tabletop that syncs with the table color.


5.     Flower Arrangements

Flowers give a very aesthetic feeling wherever they are placed. You have to think of an idea to keep the flower arrangement to the minimum. No flowers at all will make your decoration look incomplete and a table full of flowers will occupy the most space on the table. So, put flowers in a delicate vase or small round arrangement in the center of the table to make your table look more eye-catching and aesthetic.


6.     Lanterns or Candles

Most of the wedding receptions are indoors or at night in case outdoors. So, putting a small delicate lantern or a candle stand with 2-3 burning candles on the reception table will create a very romantic vibe. You can intersperse these lanterns or candle stands with the flower arrangements so that a combined ambiance will be produced that will give a different vibe all over the place.


7.     Table Numbers

It is a very unique idea to put table numbers on every beautifully decorated table in your wedding reception. You can use fancy charts with numbers written on them in a very stylish way. These small minimalist charts will be placed on a tiny little but cute chart holder that will make the table more versatile. In this way, you can pre-define the seating arrangements for all of your guests, and they will have no difficulty in finding their tables. Doing this will make the ceremony smoother and everyone can enjoy it without any type of tension about their seating.


8.     Appealing Napkins

Putting napkins on the table in front of each seat will surely stand out and give a very aesthetic vibe to the table. Make sure to select the napkins that are in contrast with the tablecloth or tabletop if the table does not have any cloth on it. The napkins must not be very large and nor they should be very small. A decent medium size will do the trick. You can select the napkins with fancy designs or images on them if you want, to make them more appealing.


9.     Drinkware Arrangement

This step might be the most important in the table decoration of wedding receptions. It is very important to welcome the new coming guests with drinks already put on the table. The drinkware which is mostly glassware should be arranged in a very appealing way and most importantly, it should be arranged in such a way that every seat member can easily have access to the glass that was put for that seat. Also, the glassware should have a stylish and unique style and the surface of the glasses should be shining enough to make the glassware look amazing.



The most important and challenging part of decorating a wedding reception is the decoration of the wedding reception tables. We have narrowed down the comprehensive and the most important steps for you to decorate your wedding reception tables. The most important thing is to keep the centerpieces to a minimum. Towering arrangements can be distracting to the guests. Flowers for wedding reception tables are necessary but should be minimalist as well. The tabletop should be more appealing than anything else on the table. The glassware for the newly arrived guests to pour drinks should be very aesthetic and give a good vibe to the drink.