How to Send Your Girlfriend Flowers?

Although sending flowers sounds a very simple thing but for a lot of people out there specially boys it is quite a big deal and carries a lot of pressure.

The fact there are a lot of options like flower types and colors so it is not quite easy to just pick any flower one has to do a lot of research as well as planning to decide which flower to choose.

So there are few processes when sending flowers to a girl lets simplify the overall process first:


 When you should send flowers to a girl?

Ok, so this is one of the most important things to consider while sending flowers especially to a girl you should first figure out that when is the right time to send flowers in order to steal her heart.

Girls love flowers all the time they don’t need any special occasion to receive flowers because just a random bouquet of flowers on a random day will definitely make their mark in their heart but it is also a great idea to mark down the major holidays and occasions.

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, women’s day etc. all these occasions are worth celebrating and a bouquet of flowers on such occasion will make it even more special and memorable.

Before sending flowers; make sure to write a note and put it inside the bouquet because ladies love handwritten notes.


What flowers are best for girls?

There is absolutely no replacement of roses because these beautiful flowers signify passion and also love. These are the perfect choice when you want to propose a girl and want to tell her about your feelings.

Another option is just to try to find about her favorite flower, ask her friends or family, if after that you are unable to find out then try to send her flowers of her favorite color.

If you want to send something that stays with her for a long time then send her a pot of Happy Hydrangea because this flower brings a lot of positive vibes along.

When sending flowers to a girl it is always very important to take care of the flower presentation and also delivery. So below are some of the tips that will tell you how exactly you should send flower to your girlfriend:


Always go for the perfect packaging

Packaging of the flowers will be the first thing that she will notice so always go for the perfect and most amazing packaging.

Send flowers in a novel and also very unique packaging because this way tour gift will be remembered for the years to come.

There are a lot of ways that can help you to beautify the presentation of your flowers like you can go for flower arrangements in glass vase or presentation box or you can also ask the florist to customize the gift for you.

By doing this you will give a cute and attractive plus customized touch to your gift and this way it will become unique and leave an imprint on your girl’s mind.


Send the flowers to her office

If you want to make you girl feel loved and also extra special then there is no better way than sending flowers to her office.

By doing so you will not only make her day but each time when she will look at the flowers she will smile at your kind gesture.

Also this is a known fact that girls love attention so these flowers will become a point of discussion in her workplace and she will get all the attention.


Figure out what she actually likes

If during any discussion your girlfriend has mentioned that she likes or dislikes a certain type of flower then instead of forgetting it just try to make a mental note and remember that next time you plan to send her flowers.

The advantage of doing so will be immense not only she will realize that you are a good listener but also she will love that gift and both your money and energy will be worth the effort.


Also put some other gifts inside the bouquet

This is another important thing to do; don’t just send a bouquet of flowers and think that they will do the magic.

If you want your flowers to be extra special then also put chocolates, stuffed toys and a handwritten note inside it, this will increase the worth of the gift because all these things are considered as the weakness of girls.


Write a Handwritten romantic card

Gifting flowers to your girl shows how much you care and love her and a handwritten card will further help to enhance your image in front of her.

A handwritten card will give you the chance to tell her that what you feel about her and how important she is for you,

Try to be a little philosophical and choose words wisely in order to send out the right message in the right way.


Hire best delivery service

Once you are done with all this then the next most important step for you is to hire the best flower delivery service.

Ask the florist if he/she is providing such services if yes then go for it and if no then hire some other reliable services in either way just make sure that your gift is conveyed on time.

Sending flowers to your girlfriend is a tricky thing because you have to keep in mind so many things. So next time if you plan to send flowers just go through these easy steps and make her fall in love with you all over again.