Men’s Guide to Giving Flowers

Conveying flowers to others is a part of being a human whether you are a man or a woman. Sometimes, it is the party at your friend’s house for which you bring flowers. Sometimes, it is your date with the lady of your dreams. Sometimes, it is Mother’s Day and you bring flowers to pay gratitude to your mother’s love and dedication towards you. No matter what is the occasion, flowers are always special for both the giver and the receiver. However, there are some etiquettes for conveying flowers to the one you care about. Sometimes they will be conveyed on knees down and sometimes they will be conveyed with a bowed head. It always depends on many factors. What are those factors? Give a read to what is written below because here, we are going to teach you how can you convey flowers below:

The prerequisites:

Before you jump to the decision of conveying flowers to the person you care about, there are some questions to ask yourself in order to have a great experience. What are these questions? Have a look at the text below:


Who is the person:

The first question that arises in mind is who is the person you want to give flowers to. All of your planning will depend on the answer to this question. Is she your dream girl or a friend with a causal relationship? Is it your daughter waiting for her birthday bouquet or is it your mother waiting for her Mother’s Day present? There are different ways to give flowers to different persons. It will all depend on your insight and creativity that how will you choose the right flowers for the right person.


Is it the right time?

The next question you must be wondering about is that is it the right time to convey flowers? Are you close enough to the person? Usually, the casual flowers require a very established and long-term relationship with other people. If you convey flowers to a stranger, what would be the reaction of that person? Exactly, is this person insane? This is why, make sure that you have a good relationship timeline with the person whether she is your friend, your girlfriend, or your crush that you met just yesterday.


Understanding the actual meaning of flowers:

Flowers have different meanings. No matter if nature has created them with the same in its mind but humans have definitely given some specific properties to the flowers. Some are described as the sacred feelings of love, grace, friendship, gratitude, and many more and some are described as envy, jealousy, wrong intent, and other dark emotions. What we think that these beauties can never symbolize things as negative as these emotions. These are in general the symbol of happiness that one person wants to give to the other person. However, humans have their own terminologies, and this is the topic that is going to be covered in the text written below:


The colors:

Flowers have different colors and every different color symbolizes something different from the others.

Red: Red is the symbol of love and romantic feelings for another person. This color is most suitable for flower conveying practice if you are in love with the next person i.e., she is your wife, girlfriend, or you are just going to propose to her. Giving flowers to the girl who just became your crush is a little bit awkward. You need to talk to her and know her first.

White: The white flower is a symbol of purity and innocence. This color is a good option for any bride because not only it would be a compliment for her but she will find it to be fitting with her wedding gown too. Be the smart guy!

Yellow: Often pretended as the color of jealousy and envy, they have actually totally different meanings. Yellow symbolizes friendship and an open and casual relationship with the other person. These are most suitable for your friends. On friendship day or the birthday of your friend, you can pick these flowers and hit them up with a surprise bouquet. They will love your surprise as it is a great tribute to your friends as well.

Pink: Pink flowers usually symbolize gratitude, honest intentions, and casual love. You usually give them to the patients with the intention of praying for them to get well soon, or you can give them to your teacher just to express gratitude towards her. However, in some cases, they can express romantic love as well. If your relationship has just started and you are still on knowing each other stage, it is a great point to start. Also, even if you are in a long-term relationship, but if you and your partner is not a big fan of extremes, you can choose the pink flowers to replace the red ones and keep your relationship subtle instead of noisy.

Black flowers: These flowers are usually given to something that is extraordinary and otherworldly. If you are really impressed by another person’s skills or even existence, you can give black flowers to her. It is more like the flower form of the slang ” You Go Girl”


The right way to convey flowers:

After deciding the flowers, you will need to convey them in the right way to make things work. Here are some tips on that too.

Plan a surprise:

Planned gifts are good but a surprise can be shocking happiness to the person you love. This pleasant surprise will definitely make her day.

Planning the surroundings:

If this is a special occasion, you need to plan the whole surroundings in order to make your present even more exciting. Decorate the place and make it look like you have made efforts for it, too.

Go for something extra:

In addition to the bouquet, you always have the option to add extra things to your present to make it even more remarkable for the person who is receiving these flowers.