Mistakes to avoid while Selecting Flowers for Beach Wedding

A wedding is one of the most special days in the life of almost everyone. Everyone has definitely some dreams attached to the day and it is assumed to be the best day of someone’s life. And whenever it comes to the wedding at the beach it is the dream of everyone. Cool breeze, closest nature, and the ultimate sense of togetherness with the person you love; what else heaven is? It is the most beautiful scenario to even think about. However, is it as spontaneous and dreamy as it seems in the movies or the Instagram timeline of your favorite influencer? Does everything happen as God’s gift to you for your wedding? The answer is no! Nothing is spontaneous or miraculous in this material world. Someone has to dedicate all of his efforts to make things happen for it. Sometimes it is the wedding planner crew and sometimes it is the couple itself. No matter who is it, but in making things spontaneous or even considering them spontaneous, there are some mistakes that are common and occur almost with every dreamy couple planning for a wedding at the beach. What are those mistakes? What are the ways to handle them and do not commit them? All of these things are going to be discussed in this article. Give a read to the text written below:


Mistake no 1: Not considering the weather conditions and climate of the place:

The beachy cool breeze and beautiful waves are all awesome unless they turn into heavy rain and thunderstorm. These are the bombers of your wedding at the beach and usually find their way as an uninvited guest to the wedding that occurring in their domain i.e., the beach wedding. It is required that you must make sure that weather conditions are just accurate for a wedding. Not only one day weather, but sometimes it is the climate that causes issues. The weather might be normal and everything might seem to go perfectly but then there will be huge and heavy showers and the dreams of your wedding will be going to be a terrible nightmare. It is better to do all the research. Study about the area, talk to the locals, and gather some information about the climate. More often than not, the climate of the beach is kind of extremely unpredictable. However, the unpredictable weather might bring something good to you as well. You always have to do the research!


Mistake No 2: Are you choosing the right colors for your beachy theme:

Colors will play a great role if you talk about the wedding at the beach. It is somewhere closest to nature and you will feel in the shadow of nature. On regular days, in our house, we make artificial flower arrangements and decorations in our houses to make them look like they are natural and also because we could feel like in the shadow of nature. So, after considering the nature of human beings, isn’t it too unfair to forget nature if while being really close to it? The point of a wedding at the beach is just to be closest to nature, so we must follow the natural colors that are not noisy or too distracting. This purpose can be achieved by pastel colors and muted colors from the color palette. As water is the main thing of the Beach wedding, watery colors will definitely find their way in all the decorations to fit into the theme. Keep the colors subtle and attractive to the eye of the viewer and not noisy.


Mistake No 3: Going too far with the watery theme:

As we discussed in the point above, the theme of the wedding should follow watery, pastel, and natural colors that have no noise at all. But contrast can always play a great game when it comes to attracting the eye of the viewer. The main theme should always be of pastels but on that, you can a little bit of fun and drama. As on the pastel color theme, the less is more. So, following this principle, you just need a small splash of dramatic colors to make things fun.

This contrast will not only create a pleasing drama but is one of the reasons the eye of the viewer will stay on the wedding flowers. As a result, it would pay for all the efforts of the person who decorated them and will be a great moment for the bride and groom too. Also, when it comes to photographing the happiest moments of the bride and groom, these colors will provide their services and be the best background for photography. In this way, these tiny touches of drama and tiny breakages of rules will keep things interesting and take them away from boredom.


Mistake no 4: If Ignoring the overall impression of the decorations:

As we are going through the experience of pure nature and the themes, we selected are pastel, neutral, subdued, and minimalist, it is better to keep an eye on the details too. Many people will not commit the above three mistakes yet the arrangements will be proved disastrous because they could not understand the overall impression. All of the efforts we are doing are for the improvement of the overall impression and to create that according to the beachy and watery theme of the sea. As the goal is to keep things subtle, it is better to choose the flowers that are not big. Their size is from moderate to small and they create an overall impression of Grace and subtleness and not noise or screams. Their volume should be in the range that dies not to destroy the overall impression of peace.

So here we presented to you the list of the most common mistakes that people commit while planning their wedding at the beach. If you take notes from these, it is less likely that you commit the same mistakes. We hope you enjoyed the article and learned something from it.