Native Flowers of Singapore for Mother’s Day

Singapore is home to beautiful and unique native flowers.  There are thousands of rare and unique species of plants thriving in Si Singapore, and most of them are flowering plants. These native flowers are an ideal choice for Mother’s Day bouquets and floral arrangements. They are sure to bring delight to your mom’s special day. If you want wild flowers in Singapore to honor your mom on Mother’s Day, here are your best options:

·        Orchids

Singapore is known for its Vanda Miss Joaquim, the country’s national flower. This variety of orchids is a hybrid that features violet-rose petals with fiery orange color at the center. There are thousands of varieties and hybrid types of Orchids in Singapore that are suitable for floral bouquets. On Mother’s Day, you can send these native flowers to your mom in Singapore to convey your messages and sentiments to her.

·        Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are one of the native Singapore flowers, and they are just fabulous in bouquets or in flower arrangements for mothers on Mother’s Day. Surprise your mom with the flowers of Hibiscus on Mother’s Day. You can even send her potted Hibiscus plants in different colors, varieties, and sizes, aside from a floral bouquet. The florists in Singapore can easily find the freshest Hibiscus blooms for your native flowers delivery.

·        Ginger Lily

The scent of the Ginger Lily is distinct. It can fill the entire room with a fresh scent. This ornamental plant is beautiful in pots and vases, as well as in bouquets. If you want to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day with a gift of Singapore native flowers, this one is a wonderful option. Luckily, you have the florist to help you get the best plant or bouquet that contains Ginger Lily for Mother’s Day flower gift.

·        Bougainvillea

The colorful shrubs lining the bridges, fences, and gardens in Singapore are the flowers of Bougainvillea. If you are planning to send your mom wild flowers delivery on Mother’s Day, you will never fail when you choose a bouquet of Bougainvillea for her. She will love the burst of colors and the delicate petals of the flowers. Moreover, your mom will also love to have one in pots for home and indoor gardening.

·        Jasmine

Jasmine is also one of the popular native plants of Singapore. They are delicate flowers with a heavenly scent, and they are typical for any hand bouquets and flower gifts on Mother’s Day. Sending Jasmine flowers to your mom is never a hassle with the florist in Singapore.  You can always have a bouquet delivered to the people you love on any occasion because this is the type of flower that blooms all year round. Surprisingly, one species of Jasmine flower is edible, and that is the Jasminum sambac. All the other species of Jasmine are poisonous.

·        Peace Lily

A bouquet of Peace Lily also suits the Mother’s Day flower gifting. Peace Lily is one of the flowers native to Singapore. Moat often, this flowering plant is associated with prosperity, thus it makes a wonderful gift to parents on their special day. They are elegant in vases and in pots, and they can easily thrive indoors with a little light and water.

·        African Violet

African Violet comes in different colors, aside from the purple one. The flowers are beautiful and the plants are easy to flourish whether for indoor or outdoor gardening. Although they look good in bouquets, together with other flowers for a native flower delivery, African Violets are best in pots or containers. Your mom will definitely love to have this plant as part of her collection of native flowers in Singapore.

·        Anthurium

Anthurium is a popular choice for a native flower bouquet in Singapore.  It is one of the native flowers that look stunning in floral arrangements and in pots. You can send your mom a bouquet of Anthurium flowers on Mother’s Day or choose to give her potted Anthurium plants instead. She will love to grow the plants at home and see the beautiful blooms every blooming season.

·        Frangipani

Frangipani flowers are ideal wedding flowers because of their beauty and fragrance. It is also perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet. This local native flower in Singapore is found in different colors such as white, orange, purple, pink, and yellow.

·        Simpoh Lak

The bright yellow flowers of Simpoh Lak are unique in Singapore. They are pretty in their delicate petals and bright, striking color. This type of native flower is a great choice for the floral bouquets to send to your mom on Mother’s Day. If you want her to enjoy the delicate blooms of Simpoh Lak all year round, why not give her potted plants, too.

·        Lipstick Flower

Lipstick Plant is one of the exotic native flowers common in Singapore. In a floral bouquet or arrangement, it adds color and brightness to the design. But in pots or containers, this tropical plant with lipstick-like flowers adds delight to any indoor space. On Mother’s Day, send your mom the best gift of flowers or houseplant with this plant. Your mom will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Why choose native flowers when you send flower gifts to your mom on Mother’s Day? This is because they are unique flowers and they feature extraordinary characteristics. If you want to make this special day more memorable for your mom, these are the best choices of flowers to pick whether you want to give floral bouquets or indoor flowering plants, or both.