10 Ways to Sending Flowers Affordably

Sending flowers to your loves ones is a great way of telling them that you love them and thinking about them even if you are far away from them.

However buying flowers is one easy job as compare to sending them to your loved ones specially when the loved ones are living far away from you or you are totally stuck in your prior commitments.

So at that time you have to look out for options in order to deliver your plants in such a way that your flowers are delivered on time without charging you much.

So in this blog I will let you know about the 10 most affordable ways which can help you to deliver your flowers.

So keep reading the blog till the end!!


  1. Deliver yourself

Once you are done with the purchasing of the flowers then comes the next big thing that is how to deliver them? So at that time the most affordable answer will be delivering it yourself.

If your loved one is not too far away and if your schedule is not too tight then it is the best option because not only you will surprise him/her with the flowers but at the same time you will be able to see them and that will make them realize how important they are in your life.

And in this way this gift will be remembered by them for their entire life because they will feel that you take out time for them not just for buying the flowers but also for the flower delivery.


  1. Ask a friend

If you are too busy in your office or you have some prior commitments then don’t worry, what are friends for? Just call a friend and tell them about the situation and if they can help you out.

In majority of the cases friends will always come to the rescue because they won’t be able to say and will do the job for you and the good thing is you are not supposed to pay them for it.


  1. Hire a middle man

This is one of the most convenient ways of delivering flowers. All you have to do is just visit a florist website and they have variety of beautiful floral arrangements, just go through them and choose your favorite one.

Once you are done with flower selection then they will ask you for the payment, after you are done with the payment then they will find a florist near the recipient and deliver the exact flowers that you ordered on their website.

It is a very easy way of flower delivery because it saves your time and energy while ensuring that your loved ones receive fresh flowers on their doorstep.


  1. Ask the floral shop if they have delivery service

Most of the floral shops operate via physical stores as well as through online websites. Once you are done with the order placement then they will definitely ask you about the delivery.

Just provide them the address of the recipient and they will make sure to deliver it on their doorstep.


  1. Avail same day or next day floral deliver in minimal charges

Most of the times flowers are sent on various occasions like Christmas, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day etc. so in order to enhance the sale majority of florists also offer discounts on their delivery services.

Just order the flowers from their website and ask them if they have any discounts to offer and most of them offer such discounts on these occasions. The benefit of these services is that with very minimal charges your order will be delivered the same day or very next day.


  1. Get in touch with the local floral shop

Ok so if your loved ones are living in another country or in another continent and still you want to send them flowers but you are afraid that it will be too expensive for you then don’t worry.

This is an era of internet and technology. Just open Google and search for local florists in that specific country and you will get a long list.

Just order flowers from any one of them and ask them to deliver the flowers on the given address.  With very minimal charges you will be able to surprise your loved ones with fresh bouquet of flowers.


  1. Hire a cab

This is another affordable way of delivering flowers to your loved ones. If any of the above options do not suit you then just hire a cab.

Tell the driver where he/she needs to deliver the flowers and they will make sure to deliver the flowers on your behalf. You can also get the services of public transport by just telling them the address and time of delivery.

  1. Avoid off season flowers

Most people in order to be little extra and impress their loved ones order off season flowers. Although there is nothing wrong about it but the thing is these flowers are a little expensive.

Because the florists have to order them from another country so in order to compensate for the transportation cost they charge little high on them than seasonal flowers.

And the delivery charges of these flowers are also quite expensive so always order seasonal flowers not only these flowers are cheap but the florists also provide discounts on them.

  1. Online delivery services

Once you are done with buying flowers online or from a physical store, just get the services of an online floral delivery.

These are platforms where only the delivery of flowers are done, all you need to do is just give them the address and they will make sure to deliver the flowers on the recipient’s doorstep.



  1. Compare the delivery charges online

The good thing about online websites is that all the information including the pricing are available on their website. So just browse 2 to 3 delivery services compare their prices and go for the one that offers the best and most affordable delivery service.