10 Unique Special Valentine Flower Arrangements for 2021

Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers where you show your love using simple gestures. It is the perfect day for lovers to unite and what better than presenting a flower to the one you love. If somehow you are finding it difficult with what flowers to gift your lover, then you have come to the right place. Below mentioned are the most exquisite flower arrangements that you can opt for to make your Valentine special.

Flowers play a very crucial role in expressing our feelings. The color of the flower can mean a lot too. Keeping all this in mind will help to get the right flower arrangements. There are different flowers around us, and all have something to do with love. Valentine’s Day comes once in a year, which makes this day so special for lovers. To make sure you have the perfect valentine below, we have listed the best flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Purple Orchids:

Many people believe that rose is the only flower representing love and best suit to give your loved ones. This is not true as orchid is a plant that symbolizes delicacy, luxury, beauty, and love. These flowers are delicately beautiful to look at and have an aroma surrounding it, which is rewarding. Purple orchids look very beautiful when arranged in a vase with the ability to transform the entire room with beauty and elegance.

Roses with Long stems:

Roses are one flower that has been the symbol of love for generations. The symbol of love is not just between lovers as yellow rose symbolizes friendship, whereas pink ones are for dates. Red roses symbolize passionate love and can serve a perfect present for your wife. Be very careful when selecting roses. Try to choose long stems free of thorns and prepare a bouquet with a pink knot to add to the look.


Arrangements of sunflowers can melt the hearts of your sweetheart, the reason being sunflower plant when arranged together look mesmerizing. Sunflowers are no typical love symbolizing flowers but can cheer up the mood of your sweetheart for sure. The wide-open faces in a sunflower plant symbolize the sun, which is fascinating. Sunflower plant symbolizes happiness, adoration, cheerfulness, and longevity, which is overwhelming.

Pink Tulips:

 if you love someone truly than a bouquet of pink tulips is perfect on Valentine’s day. Show her how much you love expressing it with a bouquet well organized with the most delicate pink tulips. Tulips come in various colors, and every color has its meaning. But for the ones in true love can opt for pink tulips as it symbolizes care and affection. Give your special someone the flowers, which is sure to bring a smile on the face.


Carnations decorated together in a bouquet would make anyone’s day. These flowers are also the first anniversary flowers and are widely used in marriages. Different colors of the carnation flower have different meanings. The white symbolizes purity and good luck; the red color is for someone you admire and dark red for the one you love. So, without thinking twice, get a bouquet of carnations with the color that best suits you this Valentine’s Day.

White Daisies:

Daisies are one of the most common flowers and can be seen daily; it is a symbol of both love and friendship. If your valentine is someone who cheers you up and is lively than a bouquet of yellow and white daisies can do wonders. Give it to your friends, relatives, or the one you love this Valentine’s Day and see how they feel about it. Daisies colors means a lot and can act as an expression to your love ones during occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

Calla Lilies:

Calla Lilies have the unique shape and size that will lure anyone towards it. Calla Lilies are a very modern choice and are very being very popularly used these days. Call Lilies flowers when arranged in a bouquet look fascinating. Their size and shape create an aroma of freshness and wellbeing around you. This flower can be a perfect present on Valentine’s Day for the one you love or even your good friend.


This flower is a symbol of joy and happiness. Chrysanthemums are also popularly known as mums, and their colors play a crucial role in symbolizing love, friendship, joy, happiness, and perfection. The white mums symbolize perfection and can serve as a perfect compliment for your Valentine this year. Red is the color of sentiments and has a very vital role to play in this flower.

Present your Valentine with a bouquet of red chrysanthemums to show how much you love. If you have been admiring someone for long and are thinking of proposing this Valentine then go with the Yellow color. This flower is a perfect combination for your Valentine having meaning for every of its color, which is rewarding.


Looking for something expensive this Valentine, we have got you covered. Present the one you love with a bouquet of Ranunculus, a highly upscale flower that symbolizes attractiveness and charm. These flowers are very bright and can cheer up the moods of your loved ones. It is perfect for a person who can light up the room as the flower does the same thing. This flower is ubiquitous for someone you are looking forward to proposing this Valentine’s.

Silk Flowers:

We understand that many people are allergic to flowers, and to replace this, we have got you covered. Silk flowers are very similar to original flowers and can look very appealing when arranged together in a bouquet. They carry the same beauty and looks of a real flower without having to worry about the smell.


Flowers have an ancient relation with love and are being used for the symbol of love for generations. Flowers play a vital role in the expression of feelings towards someone, and to guide you, we have listed the top 10 flower arrangements for this Valentine. Make your Valentine special by choosing the flowers that best suit you and your partner.