Sweet ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays, but that does not mean you should deny yourself the excitement of celebrating. Though this day may seem to be for people in romantic relationships, it is actually all about s  haring and spreading the love. Here are a few cool ways to celebrate love and appreciate the loved ones in our lives on Valentine’s Day.

Adore Yourself

I have lost tally of the occasions I’ve heard “you should love yourself before you cherish another.” Because it is hard to show love to another person when we neglect to show ourselves empathy and gratefulness. If thinking about Valentine’s Day makes you twist up on a couch to binge-watch Bachelor, rather invest that time on having a day for self-love.

Once you understand what you genuinely adore about yourself, it will enable you to share those extraordinary characteristics with your loved ones. Start by writing 5 things you cherish about yourself, spoil yourself with what you like, and have a perfect day. Remember that we acknowledge the adoration we think we deserve. What better day to ponder on the majority of your stunning characteristics and enjoy the affection you get every day.

Love Another

This coming Valentine’s Day, demonstrate your adoration for others in the manner in which they need to be cherished. We know how we feel when somebody says “I adore you,” gift us a love token or cooks us a yummy dinner as a showcase of love. We gauge these encounters distinctively dependent on our love language. Understanding the manner in which your lover needs to be cherished — and the other way around — passes on adoration purposefully in a manner that is generally valued. Here are some approaches to demonstrate love dependent on your partner’s ideal way to express affection:

  1. Gifts

You can buy a large Valentine’s Day flower bouquet and a few chocolates, just ensure you put some thoughts into what your loved one like and engage a reliable flower delivery company to send your flowers. This will remind them that you care. Consider buying a gift that draws upon a cherished shared memory, or a gift that will make another one.

  1. Affirmation Words

We can be quite hard on ourselves. Individuals who love affirmation words basically enjoy hearing that you care and value them. Compose a love poem for your partner or write a list of the reasons why you adore them.

  1. Quality Time

People love when they have your entire attention, regardless of whether it’s for a short time. Go on a date and leave your smartphones at home and concentrate on one another solely. Doing this regularly will improve your connection as you get to how they feel and what they need.

  1. Service

People who prefer service know that actions matter more than words. Most restaurants will be bursting full or overpriced on this day, make a special meal for your partner and/or loved ones. You can also demonstrate how much you care by helping out with their tasks or arranging a fun thing that you both love.

  1. Magic Touch

Showing somebody you adore them through the correct touches can link you on both emotional and physical level. Research studies found that long embraces that last for just 20 secs can discharge enough Oxytocin to reduce stress and cortisol while improving the sense of belonging. Concentrate on gentle massages, holding hands, and loads of hugs to boost your happiness.

Interact with people in your community

Once holidays are over, numerous nonprofit organizations experience issues getting volunteers who have committed time toward the year’s end to different activities, for example, food and/or drives, tea parties, book drives, charity events etc. At times, we get the most reward and satisfaction when we provide for others. Offering support to a total stranger or NGOs by volunteering makes a big difference in a small way. You will be sharing that warmth and love with individuals in need.

Trending Ways to give love

Why not have some good times if you are hoping to spread more love around? Attempt any of these 30 ideas to make people feel on top of the world. You can even do these things along with friends or your partner.

  • Bake a casserole, cake or cookies for a person that is housebound.
  • Buy nuts or snacks and keep it in your car for the destitute that hold signs on the street.
  • Cheer people up by telling them “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Be serious and sweet when you say it.
  • Complement a stranger
  • Cook a new meal and share with someone.
  • Decide to only say positive things for the whole day.
  • Donate books to a library or shelter.
  • Donate toiletries or cosmetics to Teens and/or women shelter
  • Give $1 to random kids.
  • Give away things that are laying around unused in your home.
  • Give flowers to people at the old age home.
  • Go to the movies with your bored friend and get the popcorn.
  • Leave adorable messages with hearts in irregular spots so people can giggle.
  • Listen to a couple story on how they met.
  • Make people smile by putting a bright bow on your cute dog and take it for a walk.
  • Massage your friend’s feet after a long day.
  • Offer your seat to a person on a full bus.
  • Pay for someone’s order at the coffee shop.
  • Put fresh flowers in all the rooms in your home to freshen it up.
  • Send outdated Valentines to your friends.
  • Sing and dance to your jams on your iPod in public. That will definitely make someone giggle.
  • Smile at children
  • Smile to everyone. Your positive energy might just rub off on people around you.
  • Start a conversation with somebody who looks exhausted.
  • Take a box of chocolates to school or work and give them out.
  • Talk a cat or dog from a shelter on a walk.
  • Tell a funny joke at a party.
  • Tell your children your own “couple” story.
  • Write a longhand letter to a person that you miss.
  • Write thank-you cards to people who have helped you.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be only about sentimental love. If you dislike the sentiment or excessive marketing of it, you don’t need to avoid it. Rather, you can utilize it as a day to celebrate the love that you share with your family, colleagues, and friends. Think of Valentine’s Day as a reminder to just spread the love and a call to make people grin.