10 Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement Ideas For 2021/ 2022

The year 2020 was surely gloomy and it changed the way we have been seeing the world. No matter how lonely people have become nestled in their homes, the hope of being able to gather together sooner kept the spirit of festivals alive. You may have to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with some distance from your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to hold back your love too. You may have heard it so many times but let us repeat it; flowers can be your best friend for making thanksgiving special.

There can be nothing better than a beautiful flower arrangement greeting your loved ones on thanksgiving. The warmth that the flowers will bring to them will be special, so you got to make sure that the arrangement is nothing but an embodiment of your feelings. If you are confused as to how to go about it, here are ten ideas that can help you with a DIY flower arrangement or thanksgiving flowers delivery in 2021.


#1 Use the classic flowers

You can never go wrong with the classic flower arrangement ideas that are going to be the favorite of everyone till the end of time. Some of the most popular flowers that people use for thanksgiving flower arrangements include lilies, sunflowers, roses, and carnations. You can make singleton bouquets or table pieces with these flowers or combine all of them. Adding some tropical flowers to the final piece can make the piece a little exotic.


#2 Put Flowers of Matching Textures

This can be the easiest way to make a bouquet or centerpiece. All you need to do is gather flowers of the same texture and arrange them accordingly. Some of the flowers that can do here include red orchids, hydrangea, roses, etc. You can choose to match the flowers according to any color pattern but a little creativity here can bring dramatic results where you can simply put up the flowers with very contrasting colors.


#3 Keep It Green or Add a Lot of Greens

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed while making a flower arrangement and picking the Green theme can just be enough. An arrangement with lush foliage and miniature flowers can mark a huge shift from the classic arrangements but help you keep it moderately festive as well. You can amp up the look of your arrangement by keeping it surrounded by candles, etc.


#4 Keep the Seasons’ theme

It’s November and the blooming period of so many flowers that look extremely sensational. You can choose the flowers like pot marigold, petunia, chrysanthemums, etc. to make an arrangement that will display the true seasonal spirit. Pick colorful fall leaves and dried branches and arrange them around the flowers to add a rusty and crisp look.


#5 Use creative vases to dramatize the look

People keep focusing a lot on the flowers and forget about the vase entirely. You can make a jump here by not letting your vase be the same boring glass one. There are so many options you can go for like metal vases of different shapes, hand-painted miniature buckets, pumpkins, shallow glass plates, any crooked vase painted, etc. Decorate the vases with ribbons, sparkle, pearls, etc. and you will be all set.


#6 Make dry flower settings

If the scene of flowers going dry breaks your heart, then you have the option of using dry flowers for making thanksgiving flower arrangements. You can use dried flowers of rosehips, roses, rice flowers, hydrangea, and other succulents that look rustically beautiful. The floral arrangements you make from them will last longer too.


#7 Try out the ‘edible’ flower arrangement

If you are a creative soul who wants to get experimental this year, try your hands on an edible flower arrangement. You can start with a hollowed vegetable vase-like cabbage or pumpkin, fill florist foam, add the flowers in it, and there you go. Spread some mini vegetable sprouts around like Brussels and artichokes to make them look fuller.


#8 Combine flowers with fruits

The result of this experiment is going to be a lush and delicious looking thanksgiving décor piece from which people would want to pluck and eat. You can combine rose flowers, forsythia branches, twigs of other flower plants, dates fruit streaks, persimmons, etc. Choosing from these, you can build different arrangements but try to keep the hue combination subtle.


#9 Be creative with rare flowers

If you want your floral centerpiece that leaves everyone stunned, gather some unconventional flowers. It’s generally the bright tone flowers that are preferred for festive occasions but you can get unique with the dark-colored ones including anemones, garden rose varieties, vanda orchids, nigella, oak, kale, black chili peppers, cattails, chocolate cosmos, etc. Add some light tone flowers or lights in between to make the look appear sharper.


#10 Make a cluster of small but multiple flower arrangements

This is a smarter way to decorate your house with flowers on thanksgiving. All you need to do is take all the festive flowers that can be arranged then start making separate smaller flower clusters by mixing and matching the options as per their texture and color. To make them all look part of one family, wrap each cluster with the same leaf wrap. There is a huge scope of customization in this idea without the risk of overdoing it.

These were some of the ideas that will surely fire up your thanksgiving flower décor game. Some important things to remember while making table floral arrangements are the width and height so that they don’t end up becoming intrusive. We mean that they should not come in the way of people looking at each other or trying to reach out for the food kept on the table. For the side decoration pieces, you need to keep the dimensions of the particular space while designing the look of the floral arrangement. Now go ahead with your ideas and build the perfect thanksgiving flower arrangement this year that should be displaying your past spirit and future hopes.