The Guide to DIY Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements add a touch of nature and unique beauty to any room at home or space in the office. It is a nice idea to learn to arrange flowers and create your own style and designs. Arranging flowers may seem a big challenge and it requires patience, perseverance, and skills. But it will be worth it all once you mastered the art and technique of floristry. If you are interested in DIY flower arrangements, here’s a helpful guide:

·        Materials and Tools, Be Familiar with Their Uses

In DIY flower arranging, it is important to know which materials and tools are best to use. These items do not have to be expensive and fancy, but they have to be useful. A pair of scissors, for example, should be sharp and clean. If you don’t have floral scissors, you can use any kitchen scissors at home. Floral tape is also needed, as well as floral foam, shears, tissue paper, floral wire, and flower vase. By being familiar with these materials, and how to use them and keep them properly, you will be able to maximize their uses in your DIY flower arranging.

·        Flowers and Foliage, Learn What Is Available

In arranging flowers, it will be helpful if you will learn what flowers and foliage are available during the season. There are tropical foliage and colorful leaves as well, and they are just perfect for any flower arrangements and designs you want to arrange. If you want the local blooms or the seasonal blooms, you can easily find the most beautiful and vibrant ones at the local flower shop. Other types of flowers are also available at the online florist’s shop, and you can easily place your orders online and expect the delivery on the date you prefer.

·        Flower Preparation, Know How to Prepare Them for the Arrangement

Flowers are prepared first after they are delivered and before they are used for the arrangement. The bottom edge of the stems is cut diagonally while the extra leaves in the stems are removed. According to the florists, it is just fine to leave a few leaves to the stem and fill the vase with other types of foliage you want for the arrangement.

Moreover, cutting the bottom of the stems diagonally allows them to absorb the water and nutrition efficiently from the vase. Proper preparation of the flowers is necessary and beneficial, especially if you want the floral arrangement to last for a long while.

·        Balanced Arrangement, Maintain Both Sides of the Arrangement

Both sides should have the same, balanced clustering of flowers and foliage. It is not appealing if a classic floral bouquet has one side crowded with flowers and the other side is full of greenery. However, some floral arrangements are intentionally designed in such a manner to emphasize the focal flower or a style. To keep the balance, you can add a large flower on one side and complement it with several small flowers on one side.

Also, the colors and sizes of the flowers should be in proper balance, too. Keep in mind that your goal is to capture the attention of the beholder while you convey your message and sentiments. Whether you prefer a bouquet of flowers in one color, or you want a combination of colors, it is nice to keep them at the right balance so that the bouquet or arrangement will look impressive and pleasing to the eye.

·        Texture and Scale, Incorporate the Elements According to the Area or Space

If you plan to add a flower arrangement to a small room or surface, see to it that the arrangement is not too big. If the area or room is big enough to accommodate a bigger floral arrangement, you may want to create an extravagant one. Take advantage of the texture and sizes of the flowers because they make the arrangement more interesting as well. Incorporate texture and scale together, and remember that a flower arrangement that is pleasing, whether it is in a small flower vase or big container, can make the room brighter.

·        Flower Care, Treat Flowers Properly

A beautiful flower arrangement should stay fresh and lovely for a long period of time. No one will want to see the arrangement going dry and withered after only a few days. If you want the flowers to stay fresh and beautiful for a week or two, learn how to take care of them. Each flower may have individual properties and requirements, but flowers of the same genus with similar characteristics may require the same level of temperature, hydration, and light. It is a good thing that you can always ask the florist for the best-recommended flower care.

·        Floral Designs, Don’t Be Afraid to Create Unique Flower Arrangements

With your chosen flowers, you can be as creative and crafty as you wish to be. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a stunning floral arrangement, and you don’t have to be professional, too. As they say, a floral arrangement does not have to be perfect to be fabulous.

Arranging flowers is an art. You create the most unique flower bouquet or arrangement based on how you feel or on the message or sentiments you want to express. With this guide, you will be able to start with your project and create the perfect designs using all kinds of flowers and foliage you can get. In case you failed, don’t be afraid to start all over again.