Flower Tips to Sending a Stunning Congratulatory Bouquet for Business Grand Opening

What is the best way to greet someone at a business grand opening? The answer is a flower!

If you are looking for a perfect gift to send to congratulate a family, relative, or friend for opening a new business or a new branch, a gift of a stunning congratulatory flower bouquet is the best choice. Flowers express the warmest greetings on such a special occasion. Fortunately, the florist is just around the corner to help you pick the perfect design and style of flower arrangement. If you are not sure what to do, here are the helpful tips from the florist in sending stunning a congratulatory bouquet for a business grand opening:


Know the Types of Flowers Suitable for the Occasion

It’s hard to decide which flowers are best for a congratulatory bouquet, especially if you are not familiar with flowers. But with the help of the florist, finding the right bouquet can be easier. According to the experts, flowers that are long-lasting and durable are better for this type of bouquet. Here are some of the flower types for the congratulatory bouquet:

·         Orchids

Orchids are exotic and symbolic, and that is the reason why they are a wonderful choice when it comes to flowers for a congratulatory bouquet. The flower carries the symbol of pride and honor. Moreover, the meaning may vary depending on the color of the Orchids.

·         Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise flowers is an amazing flower that comes in bright colors. The unique features and shape of the bloom offer a symbol of dignity and joy.

·         Daisies

Daisies are a nice choice for a congratulatory bouquet. The charming colors and the wide varieties provide a wonderful floral arrangement that enhances cheerfulness and positivity. A bouquet of Gerbera Daisy, for example, brings delight and warmth to such a festive event of the grand business opening.

·         Daffodils

Daffodils are sweet flowers used to denote new beginnings and a brighter future. The vibrant yellow blooms bring warmth and cheers to the event, sending good wishes and luck to the business on opening day.

·         Sunflowers

Sunflowers are fabulous flowers that convey your happiness and excitement for a friend’s achievement. Although they are less-traditional and non-romantic flowers, they are just perfect for this occasion. Aside from the vibrant colors of Sunflowers, they are also long-lasting and durable.

·         Roses

Roses are always the perfect choice for a bouquet no matter what occasion to celebrate. If you want to send an elegant congratulatory bouquet, you will never go wrong with the beautiful flowers of Roses.


Know the Right Color of Flowers for the Event

In sending a congratulatory bouquet, it is best to know and consider the colors of flowers that suit the event.

·         Red

Red flowers are not only about romance and emotions but also about luck, positivity, and prosperity. They are great for such an occasion.

·         Yellow

Yellow flowers show cheerfulness, as well as pride and integrity. They also show the joy of friendship, making a bouquet of yellow flowers a perfect gift to send to a friend who is always hardworking and diligent.

·         Orange

Orange flowers convey enthusiasm and excitement for the milestone. They also express passion in the chosen career and in the new business.


Know the Floral Arrangements Best for the Event

The florists create unique and extravagant floral arrangements specifically for the grand opening ceremony. Also, they assist customers who prefer to customize and personalize the congratulatory bouquet or arrangement. If you are sending one, here are the most common flower arrangements for a business grand opening ceremony:

·         Flower Stands

A flower stand is a typical floral arrangement designed to send greetings and congratulatory messages on grand business opening day. It stands at a height of 4 feet to 6 feet. The gorgeous arrangement comes with brightly colored flowers and leaves hand-arranged and crafted by the florists. You are guaranteed of downright stunning flower stands in dramatic designs and impressive arrangements. If you want to send a gift of a congratulatory flower, a flower stand makes a perfect option.

·         Flower Bouquets

The florists also arrange unique and stunning congratulatory bouquets for this grand celebration. There are bouquets that consist of extravagant blooms like Gerbera Daisy, Anthuriums, Bird of Paradise, and Orchids. Some bouquets have Roses and Tulips in vibrant colors, while some have yellow Sunflowers and Daffodils to emphasize the cheerful occasion. You can expect that the bouquets are beautifully wrapped and crafted, and they are hand-delivered on the date and time you requested.

·         Flower Arrangements

If you want something simple yet elegant, there are flower arrangements that suit the event. Sophisticated floral arrangements are best for this occasion, and you can even choose a customized design to make your flower gift more personal and meaningful. Expect that the flowers are always fresh and durable to withstand the festive and crowded event. Flower arrangements for this special event are also offered for same-day delivery or next day delivery for a price you can afford.

When it comes to grand opening flower bouquets and congratulatory floral arrangements, the florist has the largest selections of flowers and wonderful designs to offer. After all, the flowers at the grand opening ceremony are the first thing that most of the guests see when they arrive at the venue. So when you decide to send a stunning congratulatory bouquet for a friend’s business grand opening day, trust the florist to craft the most impressive one. You will never go wrong in sending the most thoughtful gift to greet someone on his or her special event.