What Type of Dried Flowers Can Put in Bouquets?

Dried Flowers are basically used for a long-lasting time. At any special event, the Bouquets of dried Flowers are represented as a gift. The bouquets of dried Flowers could be a special gift for the person whom you want to feel very special. if you want to Keep your arrangements intact, or you want to preserve wedding Bouquets then drying the whole bouquets is a great idea. Best way to preserve larger Flowers like Tulip, mums, and hydrangeas by Air Drying. Air Drying is the smart method for preserving larger flowers.  On the other hand, pressing flowers is the best way to preserve smaller flowers. Then these flowers can be used to make a bouquet of flowers. These bouquets can be represented to a special person to make them feel very special and made their day more special.

Here are some types of dried Flowers that you can put in bouquets:

Bunny tails

You can collect a few into a bunch at the ground and tie a length of garden cotton or twine string throughout the base of these stems. Drape the bunches in a dark, dry, and cool place for half a month, or until the stems shatter when turned. In this way, bunny tails can be dried. Dried bunny tails look beautiful when these are put in bouquets. For long-term use, you can put these bouquets of flowers in the vase. You can also put these dried flowers in your lounge room to look more beautiful.

Straw flowers

You must cut Straw flowers that are not fully open, in the process of drying the flowers, these rest will completely open. These straw flowers are in different colors. These flowers are also known as “everlasting flowers”. You gather these flowers in a bunch, then carefully wrap a rubber band around the stems. Now turn the bunch upside down. Then hang the bunch of flowers from a hook or hanger in the dark, dry closet or similar space for a few weeks or until they feel dry. In this way, strawflowers can be dried. The bouquet of dried straw flowers can be given as a gift to a newlywed couple or for a wedding gift.

Cotton stems

Cotton stems can also dry in a dark closet or similar space for a few weeks or until they feel completely dry. The bouquet of dried cotton stems can be put in a vase. This bunch of dried cotton stems is also used for decoration at any special event or at a wedding ceremony. These dried flowers are also used to make the crown for the beautiful girls and make them feel very special.

Dried wheat grass

Wheat grass can be dried easily by using the microwave oven. You just have to put the fresh wheatgrass in the tray of the oven by putting the baking sheet before putting the wheat grass. These dried wheat grass can be put in a bouquet. These flowers can be used for decorating the lounge room to look beautiful.

Silver dollar

Firstly, you have to gather the silver dollar. Then hang these bunch of silver dollars in the cold and dry closet or similar spaces for a few weeks or until these flowers feel completely dry. These dry silver dollars can be used for decoration. These dry silver dollars can be put in a bouquet in the vase. These blooms the entrance of the house more attractive.

Pampas grass

Firstly, you have to wrap the stems with a rubber band hang in the hook. Then move hook upside down. You have to hang the pampas grass for three weeks or until they feel completely dry in a dry place like a closet. Dry pampas grass is larger in length. These can be used indoors as a fair decoration from living rooms to bathrooms. These pampas grass is an accent piece of texture.

Dried palm fronds

You can easily dry palm leaves by yourself. It is not much difficult. You just have to lay down the sheet or any blanket on the ground. Remember one most important thing, you have to lay down the blanket in a warm sunny spot. Then put the branches of the palm on the cloth. The palm branches will naturally dry when you allow the sun to dry. These dried palm fronds are used for decoration.

Dried Ruscus

You have to gather the stems of branches of Ruscus, then hang them with a rubber band and move them upside down. Hang in a dry, dark area such as a closet. Avoid the sun directly on the flowers or damp rooms but provides good air circulation. These flowers can be dry for about half a month. The bouquets of dried ruscus of different colors are put in the vase for decoration and look lovely.

Ozothamnus (Rice Flower)

Ozothamnus is also known as rice flowers. The bouquets of Dried rice flowers are the most gorgeous and beautiful decorative blossoms. The combination of dried rice flowers and pink flowers can be put into the bouquets of flowers, that can be given a gift on a special event or on valentine’s day. These bouquets of dry rice flowers look gorgeous in the vase in the lounge room.

Final Words

The dried flowers make the best and sweetest thing for the whole year. Their vintage and rustic look and quality along with their stunning texture make them amazing and you will fell in love with them as soon as you will see them. These florals are so much beautiful and graceful as the fresh florals. They do not need much maintenance and you can place them in your favorite vessel for admiring them for months. No matter what your preferred color or style, you can bind them in a bouquet and satisfy your aesthetics. You can combine more than one flower in one bouquet for creating a stunning look.