Why Wedding Flowers Planning Is Important?

Congratulations! Finally the big day is coming. It may sound an exciting and fun to plan your wedding day but at the same time it may also be quite overwhelming for brides. Because there are so many things that are supposed to be done in a very short time which consumes all the energy of brides and instead of enjoying their day they end up being frustrated.

Flowers make the most important part of wedding days. They are almost part of everything including the venue and also the wedding bouquet that the bride carries in her hands. Therefore, just like every other thing it is very important to plan for your wedding flowers.

Before you start doing any other thing it is very important to choose flowers for the actual ceremony and also for the reception. So in order to make the overall process easy for you I have put together a complete guide that will be helpful for you.


  • Allocate a floral budget

This is the first and most important step of a planning for wedding flowers. You should allocate at least 9-10% of your total budget to flowers. Try to allocate a budget that will cover not only the bridal flowers but also the ceremony and reception flowers.

While setting budget it is important to keep in mind that how many people you are inviting on the wedding. Also do you want any specific table central pieces and floral arrangements and bouquets for the bridesmaid?

All these factors must be kept in mind while setting a budget for the wedding flowers. If you invite more people you have to arrange more tables with all the décor which means that your budget must be higher.


  • Establish a floral theme considering your taste

If you are confused or totally clueless about the style of your wedding then internet is your best guide. Start browsing on various sites like Pinterest, Style me pretty, The Know and other bridal magazines.

Note down all the ideas that you like. Make a file in which don’t just the bridal pictures but also color themes and other pictures that attracted your attention.

This quick look book will help you to decide that what flowers you want, the color theme and also every other detail that you want on your big day.


  • Don’t forget the venue

This part is mostly overlooked by the brides and later they just regret their mistake but till then it is too late. While choosing the wedding flowers don’t finalize them on the basis of your dress color but also keep in mind the setting as well as décor of the venue.

The floral designs and colors of the venue should also be kept in mind while finalizing the wedding flowers.


  • Selection of Bouquet

The style and color of the bridal bouquet must be finalized after the wedding dress is chosen. Selection of bridal bouquet is one of the most important steps of this overall process. The center of the whole celebration on wedding day will obviously be the bride and groom.

All the pictures that will be cherished for the years to come will be taken along the bouquet. So make sure that you choose a bouquet that totally complement the wedding dress and don’t cut the budget in this particular area.

Now that you know about the basics of planning your wedding flowers lets discuss some of the most important things that you should consider while choosing your wedding flowers.


  1. Always, always stay within the budget

Of course you have allocated a certain amount for the wedding day and this budget also covers you wedding flowers, right? So the one thing you should day is to stick with the budget. Flowers can be the expensive part of your planning but make sure that you choose everything that best suits your budget.

To make sure that you stay within the stipulated budget, do a lot of research beforehand. Ask florists question regarding flowers and cost-efficient flowers they are quite experienced in their area so they can be very helpful to stick to your plan. Ask them about the cheaper, available and seasonal flowers and they will help you accordingly.

  1. Go for meaningful flowers

Another thing you can do to make your wedding memorable is by choosing flowers that have sentimental value. If you want to choose flowers that have some meanings behind them then do your research. Find out the meaning behind the flowers that you want to make part of your big day.

Flowers like red roses are used to represent pure love and passion, dahlias symbolize a long lasting bond and commitment and lilies are used to represent honor and truth. So choose flowers that have positive and emotional meanings.

Not all flowers symbolize something positive. Yellow carnations symbolize rejection and orange lilies represent rejection and also hate. So it is best to do some research before finalizing the flowers for your big day.

  1. Wedding style and venue

The wedding style and venue will help you to determine the type and quantity of flowers you need on your big day. You can either choose sophisticated and simple floral arrangements or if you planning a garden wedding then wild and more natural flowers will be best.

  1. Seasonal flowers

Another important thing to consider before finalizing your wedding flowers is what type of flowers will be in season during the wedding. If you think about this early then it will be helpful to stay within the budget and also will save you from all the stress.

You should know that non-seasonal flowers will be heavy on your pocket. So discuss this with the florists as they can give you the best advice regarding seasonal flowers and other alternative options.